How to Make a Border Collie Meme

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You’ve probably seen the border collie meme on the internet, or perhaps you’re the one who created it. What are the rules of creating a meme like this? And what is the best way to post yours? Here are some of the most popular. Enjoy! Make sure you carefully read our rules before you start making your own. There are many ways to make a border collie meme!

First, you need to understand that Border Collies can be used as working dogs. They were originally bred to catch livestock in the Anglo-Scottish border area. This breed has a high level of intelligence and is highly loyal. They need to be trained and assigned a task. And that job can be anything, from herding sheep to helping people out. So if you have a dog with high intelligence, you’ve probably heard of them.

How to Make a Border Collie Meme
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