How to Make a Dog Jockey Costume

Jockey Pet Costumes allow you to dress your dog up in a new outfit for Halloween and Kentucky Derby. This costume includes a harness, saddle, and a miniature red jockey figurine that attaches the harness. It is lightweight and easy to wear. Small dogs can wear the costume comfortably and easily, and the medium and large sizes are made to fit most dogs. The dog jockey costume comes in several sizes. Small costumes measure 12″ across the back, medium dogs are 14″, and large dogs are 16″ around the neck. X-large costumes measure 19 inches across the chest and back.

Another option is the Show Jockey Saddle Costume. This outfit is specially made to fit your dog. The navy blue and white garbed jockey figure mimics a jockey riding a dog. The costume can be washed and dried on the line if necessary. Measure your dog’s chest, neck and shoulders to determine the right size. If your dog is a bit on the large side, choose a size up.

You and your dog can have fun making a DIY Dog Jockey costume. A complete costume can be purchased, but it may not fit your dog. You can try it out on an old tshirt if you aren’t sure how to make it. You can make your own dog costumes without spending too much. You can also make a costume inspired by your favorite team.

Another option is to create a dog Halloween costume yourself. Although this can be fun, it will require more work than a store-bought costume. You will have to decide if the extra time and effort is worth it. A handmade dog costume is unique and memorable. Make sure to measure your dog. It may be easier than you think to make a DIY Halloween costume for your dog, but it will take some time.

How to Make a Dog Jockey Costume
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