How to Make a Heart Out of Gum

There are many ways to create a gum wrapper heart. This craft can be made with foil, paper, or cardboard. First, fold the paper in half horizontally, with the crease facing the recipient. Then, fold in half again, and you’ll have a heart shape. You can also fold two pieces of gum wrappers in half to make this project even simpler. Now, fold the bottom half of the wrapper over the top half.

Fold in half the top and bottom corners. Make sure the creases are straight and that the sides meet in the middle. Now you can fold in the sides. Now fold in the top and bottom edges of the bottom half. Fold the sides of the paper into half horizontally as well. Fold in the edges so that the bottom portion of the heart is not touched. To secure the shape, you can insert gum here if you wish.

Once you’ve cut the gum wrapper in half, you can start folding it into a heart shape. To do this, fold the bottom half of the gum wrapper in half diagonally. This will create a heart shape, with rounded edges on the bottom half. To make another heart, you can fold the other half of this square in half. Using the bottom edge of the triangle, you can fold the top half into half again.

You can also make a heart from gum wrappers by making origami hearts. You can also create a garland of hearts with a needle and thread. These can be glued to DIY pop-up cards or greeting cards. A dollar bill can also be used to make a heart from gum wrappers. It should be as simple as possible and serve as a sweet reminder to love.

Another option is to use a plastic wrapper. These are inexpensive and easy to make. To make a lasting impression, give them to your loved ones. They are a sweet gesture, and a great way of recycling gum wrapper waste. You can also make them into a garland and use them as cushioning inside gift boxes. There are many possibilities for what you can do with them.

To make a heart out of gum, you’ll need to buy a heart shape cutter. You can find these cutters at most grocery stores for $4. Afterwards, you’ll need a pencil. For best results, use an organic pencil. A ruler is also necessary. You might have to use a ruler or pencil that is too cheap. This can cause uneven cuts and borderlines. You can decorate your heart with stickers or other items once you have created it.

Another way to make a heart out of gum wrappers is to use a gum wrapper. This is an inexpensive craft that can be used to make beautiful works of art. You don’t have to throw away a good-quality gum wrapper. Instead, recycle it and give it to someone. It’s also a fun way to keep your hands busy. This craft can also be shared with your partner.

How to Make a Heart Out of Gum
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