How to Make a Mini Football Net

If you want to make a football goal for your mini football game, you can use this simple project. It can be used as a prop for a flick game, or to help children develop fine motor skills. You can also add a soccer ball or other object to the net so that children can use it in many different ways. We’ll be discussing a few options to make mini football goal nets. And since these are inexpensive, you can make one yourself without spending too much.

The goal is made from special aluminium profiles. This includes the front frame profile which measures 80x80x2.5 mm square. The bar frame, on the other hand, is made of 40x40x3 mm square hollow. The mini soccer goal has a projection of 0.5 m, and the net supports at the side fold down when not in use. It can be fully or partially welded and disassembled for export. For easy storage and transport, you can fold the net supporters once assembled.

Mini football goals can be used in many different ways and should last for years. These are ideal for smaller teams, but can be used by adults too. The size of the goals should be based on the age group for which you’re purchasing them. Under-7s and 8-year-olds should play 5-aside matches using a size 3 ball. The pitch should be about 40 by 30 feet, with goals six feet high. For under-9s and under-10s, you should use a size four ball.

How to Make a Mini Football Net
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