How to Make a Rainbow Cat Gif

A rainbow cat is considered a lucky charm. A rainbow cat gif is a common sight if you are a fan. However, if you’re a fan of gifs and have no idea how to make one, keep reading! Here are some ways to make your own rainbow cat gif! These are the steps to make your own rainbow cat gift!

The original Nyan cat gif started life on YouTube nearly a decade ago. It features a torso made of pop-tart toaster pastry and follows the cat through space to Japanese pop music. The meme has been shared widely on social networks and has received over 185 million views on YouTube. Chris Torres, the creator of the gif decided to remaster it for a tenth year. The video went viral and was recently sold for $560,000.

The Nyan cat meme GIF is now available on digital art platforms. The anonymous user who made it appeared as oxy7eb2…3f6b, acquired the image from Torres. The rights to distribute the GIF and make revenue from it will remain with the user. Ultimately, the GIF will continue to live on online, allowing its creator to earn money. The original creator of the rainbow cat GIF is anonymous, and Torres has not said where the picture will go after this purchase.

How to Make a Rainbow Cat Gif
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