How to Make Your Statement Worth Reading

how to make your statement worth reading 31012

Include the phrase “for what its worth” to make a statement more interesting. It is an important expression because it emphasizes the speaker’s humility and prompts listeners to evaluate its value. The statement may be useful information, but the recipient may disagree. In other words, it’s important to be humble, but to make it worth reading, it must be relevant to the recipient’s situation. These are some suggestions to make your statement worthwhile.

A phrase or action that is worth someone’s while is described by the adage, “It is worth one’s while to invest one’s time and energy into it.” The expression dates back to the 1600s. While can be translated as time and worth can be translated to “good enough” or “justifiable.” Thus, something is worth my while if it’s important enough to be performed. In general, making something worth someone’s while means providing a compensatory value in exchange for a task or outcome that may be unpleasant.

How to Make Your Statement Worth Reading
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