How to Promote Jake Paul and PRIME Hydration

When you’re in the market for a new hydration drink, you may be looking for the most effective way to promote it. That’s where Jake Paul and Johnni DiJulius come in. PRIME teamed up with the YouTube star and ex-boxer to create a drink with five flavors. It took less than a year to create, but it required the support of 100 people. The drink launched on January 8 and quickly sold out. To advertise the drink, Paul released several dramatic videos.

The first match between Paul and KSI ended in a draw, so the two were scheduled to fight again on November 4 on DAZN. Olatunji won this time by a split decision, but Paul challenged these results with the California State Athletic Commission. Fans continue to purchase the popular drink. This article may contain affiliate links. We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through the links below. The information contained in this article is provided by third-party websites.

Jake Paul, a YouTuber has a long-running feud that he has with different people in the sports fighting world. His longtime YouTube rival Logan Paul has also entered the business world with a new drink. The two recently launched PRIME Hydration. It sold out in four days in the U.S. Jake Paul does not think that’s enough. And the KSI sports drink is not doing enough for him.

Hosting a live event is another popular way to promote Jake Paul. His MMA events often feature other celebrity fights, creating an ambiance that feels like a concert. Despite the heightened popularity, his career may be short-lived. He may need to find a legitimate opponent in boxing. He has 20.4million subscribers on YouTube and is expected to continue rising in the ranks of competition. Paul’s content is being enjoyed by his fans.

Another way to promote Jake Paul and his products is by partnering with Logan Paul and KSI on a sports drink. The two were once bitter rivals and popularized the concept of ‘influencer boxing’. They have now joined forces to create a sports drink, despite their bitter rivalry. Prime Hydration will soon be available in UK and US stores.

How to Promote Jake Paul and PRIME Hydration
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