How to Say Nipple in German

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Are you trying to find the German word “nipple”? You’re in the right place if so. You’ll learn how to say nipple in German, a language that is extremely diverse. There are several ways to say nipple in German, and they are all perfectly normal. Here are some tips to help you learn the word. These are some phrases that you can use to speak German.

Let’s first look at the meanings of nipple. Nipple means breast wart in German. Brustwarze is a plural form of nipple. German isn’t the most beautiful language, so words like nipple can be quite harsh. Fortunately, you can learn some of its most lilting tones by listening to Schwabish, or the convoluted sing-song of Schwiizerdutsch. Be aware that there are some words in German that can literally cause you to bleed!

How to Say Nipple in German
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