How to Shave a Border Collie

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If you have recently acquired a new border collie, you may be wondering how to get its hair shaved. While the process is not difficult, it is vital that your dog is calm during the shaving process. A shaved border collie will be much less likely to get matting on sensitive areas. These are some tips to get you started. Continue reading to learn more about how to groom a border collie.

Although Border Collies can be a low-maintenance dog breed, they still need to be groomed. A shaved coat can take a year or more to grow back. In addition, this coat type will need extra grooming in order to stay free from matting. You should shave your dog at the very least once per week. Moreover, keep in mind that double coated Border collies should only be shaved in case of grass seeds that can damage their coat.

A double-coated dog breed is susceptible to hot spots due to its dense and thick coat. To prevent hot spots, shave the area around the hot spot and apply Hot Spot Foam. Also, remember to keep a bottle of 3 in 1 Healing Cream handy. The cream will help stop the dog from licking the wound. To prevent hot spots, always remember that Border Collies have a high energy level. It is recommended to keep a 3 in 1 healing cream jar nearby.

A double-coated collie can grow a thick coat that will keep it cool in hot weather. The coat protects the collie from insects and keeps it cool. As a result, a shaved collie will not be as protected as a full-coated collie. It would also not grow back before winter, which could be a bigger problem than a shaved border collie.

A double-coated Border collie cannot be shaved, but shaved hair can be removed to prevent matting. The newly grown hair will grow back thicker, forming mats. This can impact your dog’s ability resist the heat of the sun. You should seek the advice of a vet before shaving your dog. Your veterinarian will help you to groom a Border collie with a double coat.

Although it is a natural reaction, it can cause trauma for your dog. Border collies can be Americana. This means that they have the same skin as people. Many border collie shaves are a mixture of European and American blood. This is the only way to make sure that your dog looks his best. You might also see your dog sporting a light-colored border collie.

To avoid a shaved border collie, follow the grooming guidelines for dogs. Border collie’s shed their skin and hair frequently, so you should brush your dog often. Use a slicker brush to remove loose hair and mats from the face. The undercoat rake, a metal comb with soft pins, is another useful tool. This tool can help you remove the loose undercoat hair that lays in your dog’s skin.

How to Shave a Border Collie
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