How to Spot a Fake Guru on Instagram

The guru is a popular Instagram account. He teaches general spiritual koans, and then struts around in fine blend whiskeys and cigars. He posts photos of himself wrapping his arm around waifish or mermaid-haired women, making him appear like a spoiled surfer boy. But what makes him different from most other Instagram influencers?

The ‘Guru’ in his Instagram name is a Punjabi singer, Guru Randhawa. His single Dance Meri Rani, with Nora Fatehi, has already won hearts worldwide. With over 18 million followers on Instagram, he has now become the first Indian male singer to cross the 30-million-mark. It’s also a good sign for his popularity, as his followers increase by millions each day.

Fake gurus may use bots to automate following and unfollowing people. Instagram can detect fake accounts, but gurus do not. They use different methods and don’t compromise what works. They may use bots but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are doing something different. They may have fake accounts, but they have a proven marketing system. It’s important to be aware of fake gurus and how they do it.

How to Spot a Fake Guru on Instagram
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