How to Tickle Lick Feet

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There are many ways to tickle lick feet. Feathers are a classic tickle tool, but they are usually not effective. Twirling feathers around is the best way to get the strongest reaction. An electric toothbrush is another option. These toothbrushes are usually equipped with a charging dock and a timer, so you don’t have to waste time constantly trying to tickle them. Your tongue is another great tool for tickling. Try to use a large, soft feather that covers more area of skin, but it will be more effective if you move it across the chest.

The AKC Chief Veterinary Officer recommends looking for any abrasions or insect bites on the feet of your dog. Dogs naturally care for wounds by licking their feet. Make sure to check for any cuts or sores on your dog’s paws. This behavior can cause secondary infection and inflammation, even though it is fun for dogs. So, it’s important to seek out a professional before acting on your pet’s incessant foot licking habit.

How to Tickle Lick Feet
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