How to Trim Dalmatian Nails

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Who doesn’t love dalmatian nails? These cute dalmatians will definitely make you smile. Luckily, the dog nail design trend is not just limited to dogs. The 101 Dalmatians cartoon was so popular, that nail art inspired from this beloved dog is now a popular way of adorning your nails. Read on for tips and tricks to get these dalmatian nails.

If your Dalmatian doesn’t get out of the house as often as he should, his claws might grow too long. You can trim them to a length that is comfortable for your Dalmatian. But remember to trim them to prevent them from protruding from the pads. If they get too long, you will have to trim them by yourself. To do this, you can purchase a special Dalmatian nail clipper. It’s also available in many supermarkets and pet stores.

How to Trim Dalmatian Nails
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