How to Use BBO My Hands

Have you ever wondered how you can use BBO my hands? If you have not, you should. BBO allows you to create practice hands, but you can’t share them with other people. The best way to share them is to send them via LIN file. This is a great feature for people who want to practice their skills before submitting them to other players. Here are some ways you can use BBO my hand.

BBO My Hands’ Copy & Paste feature is one of the most efficient ways to copy the board’s HTML. This feature automatically copies the board’s HTML and pastes it into an HTML editor. Alternatively, you can use a web browser such as Firefox or Thunderbird to copy and paste the HTML. This feature saves you time by not having to open the game and save the draft. However, you may want to make sure that you have a copy of your board before you do this, as it may not be compatible with BBO.

BBO Helper – This free extension combines the functions of both BBO My Hands and BBO Hand Viewer. All BBO donnes can be viewed, analyzed, and exported from one program. BBO Helper allows you to visually inspect and visualize all data collected. This free extension allows you to view, analyze, and export BBO donnes. These features are particularly useful if you have a lot of BBO data.

Alt+N – This key will display the names of all the players at your table. The name of the player will appear as a mnemonic for the letter N. If you don’t want to see the names, just click the display and close it. You can also toggle between the BBO Helper and the standalone BBO Handviewer. Once you have installed BBO my hands you can track player performance and see what they can do to improve their game.

Download PBN files – Using BBO Helper, you can easily download hand records from BBO in PBN format. You can then save the resulting PBN file by clicking the Download button. A default filename is generated based on the session start time and the name of the tournament, but you can customize it to match your own needs. This feature works best in social sessions and team games, where you can share it with other players.

BBO Helper – Use BBO Helper for downloading data from BBO Helper allows you to export the timing information you have saved on your computer. You can even import the information from BBO Helper on another computer. The other computer will merge it with the data that you have already stored there. If you’re concerned about the size of your file, you can also add unlimited storage to BBO Helper to increase the speed of the service.

Auto Alert – Switching to the double dummy mode without checking the dummy card is very convenient, but it won’t allow you to see your dummy’s hands if the dummy’s board shows only one trick. You can switch to another board to resolve this issue. You will have to manually switch between the modes. It’s not a difficult thing to do, but you can expect some frustration.

How to Use BBO My Hands
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