How to Use Neogyl

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It is important to speak to your doctor if you have been given Neogyl to treat a serious infection. You may need a longer course of treatment if you have certain medical conditions such as blood dyscrasia, liver and kidney disease, or a rare disease called Cockayne syndrome. This medication can cause liver damage and should be stopped if the tests for your liver function show a marked increase.

It is not known if Neogyl can interact or not with other medicines. However, it could interfere with some of them. Certain drugs can increase the amount of Neogyl in your blood. It is important to monitor the levels of these medications together to avoid adverse reactions. Also, if you’re taking other medications, you’ll need to consult with your doctor about possible interactions and side effects. If you’re taking a high-potency prescription drug, you need to check your blood lithium level carefully.

If you’re taking Neogyl tablets, you should take them at bedtime. First, remove the cap. To open the applicator, twist it. The applicator should be held by its barrel. Next, insert it into the vagina as far as you can. Then, gently press the plunger until it stops. If you’ve taken too much Neogyl, you may need to take it over a period of time.

Besides treating sexually transmitted infections, Neogyl can also treat some parasites, such as trichomoniasis and amebiasis. If you are taking Neogyl for a long time, however, you may have side effects. If taken in high doses, Neogyl may cause nerve damage. It should not be taken within two days after the treatment has ended or while you are drinking alcohol. You may experience nausea, flushing or headaches. Besides, your doctor may adjust the dosage of Neogyl if you have liver problems.

If you are taking Neogyl for a long time, you should consult your doctor or a dermatologist about the dosage. You should take Neogyl as directed if your infection is severe enough to warrant medical attention. You should not skip any doses. Do not skip a dose. If you do miss a dose, you should apply it the following day. Neogyl should be used again if you have missed a dose.

While Neogyl has a low risk for birth defects, you should consult your doctor if you are pregnant. Patients who have taken disulfiram within the past two weeks should not be given Neogyl. Patients who have taken Neogyl may develop mental problems as a result of this drug. Patients who have been abused alcohol in the past may be prescribed Neogyl.

Neogyl can cause nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, or stomach cramps. Other side effects include nausea, flushing, headaches, and nausea. Your doctor will likely recommend that you stop using Neogyl immediately if you have ever experienced a reaction to the medication. Neogyl can interact negatively with certain medications. Patients should avoid drinking alcoholic beverages while on Neogyl therapy.

How to Use Neogyl
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