How to Use the RimWorld Close Learning Helper

The learning helper sits in the top right of the screen and can be expanded to view all the lessons that a player may need at any one time. When a player does the required interaction, the lesson is marked as learned. If the player isn’t sure about a particular lesson they can mark it as learned manually. The learning aider’s purpose is to highlight any lessons that a player may need right now.

If you want to quickly level up, the learning helper can be helpful. However, if you are feeling impatient, you may click the green check arrow beside “Learning helper” on the Rimworld options screen. The game’s Hyperweave can only be obtained through quests or trading events, and you will only occasionally find it on raiders. A cargo pod and horseshoe pen are quick ways to earn Hyperweave.

RimWorld’s work environment is essential. Inadequate settings can often make it impossible to complete important tasks. As a result, you may end up wasting time on useless tasks that aren’t even needed. You can also switch to Manual Priorities mode, which lets you manually manage how much work each colonist is doing at any given time. Your colonists will begin with the highest priority work, and then move down to the lower priorities.

If you’re new to RimWorld it’s a good idea to start with a non-modified version. Then, you can add mods as you go. You can also use the Steam friends method for finding your friends. You can also connect to other players by using their IP address. There are many options, but these methods require a high-end computer.

RimWorld is regularly updated, and it has a vibrant community. To make the game more accessible, developers have used the Steam workshop. You can choose to play single-player or multiplayer games. You can also download the latest version of Steam from the same link that you use to install Steam. Just make sure to install the new version in an empty folder. When you download the new version, make sure to restart your Steam software and check the update.

There are different factions in the game. Players can join any faction, such as the faction called ‘Factions’. Recruiting is one way to improve your ‘Close’ skills. The game is competitive, just like other factions. A high level of social skills will help you convince your prisoners to join your colony sooner. You can even make your social interactions more effective so that wardens can recruit members into factions.

How to Use the RimWorld Close Learning Helper
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