How to Use the Word “Earn This” Example Sentences

The definition of earn is “to win” or “to get” something, like money, respect, media attention, etc. There is an additional definition of earn that describes what you can do using this word. The example sentences below are not the opinions of Merriam-Webster. They are examples of how to use earn. This definition does not cover all possible contexts for the word. For a more exact definition, you might want to visit the Merriam-Webster website.


English Definition: “To earn this” is a verb meaning “to gain money by working.” It’s a common expression that’s often used in sports. The dictionary defines “to earn” as “to make money by working.”

Earn money

People make money when they trade their time and energy for money. These workers are paid for their hours, often in the form a salary or an hourly wage. Although the hours spent in an office are often fulfilling, the time it takes to complete each task is what limits your potential satisfaction. Earning money is often a short-term commitment. Other methods of earning money include commissions or royalties. Finding a job you love and that is both rewarding and easy is the biggest challenge to earning money this way is finding a job you enjoy.

There are two ways to make money as a mystery shopper. The first is by taking notes in retail stores, taking pictures of stuff that doesn’t do anything, or filling out questionnaires. To receive assignments and apply to these gigs, you can sign up for Mobee. Another option is to join Marketforce. Marketforce requires an application, but offers higher potential earnings. It is worth the extra time to join these programs if you are looking to earn a decent amount.

Earn media

Using earned media can help boost your online visibility and create a positive feedback cycle. When used in conjunction with paid advertising, it can also result in more traffic to your website. The most popular web properties, which are often web-based businesses, attribute part of their success to earned media. Earned media is the process of marketing your brand through other people’s words and opinions. This type of promotion is highly credible, since it is not created by your business.

The best way to earn media is to engage with gatekeepers and publish great content. You should also follow relevant websites and publications in your industry to create original content for their readers. You can also use a quality article as a source for your articles. Earned media can provide free exposure and high-quality exposure for your brand. Here are some ways you can increase your brand awareness and media coverage.

Earned media can help you stand out from your competitors. You can incorporate quotes from earned media into your sales presentations, product packaging, and marketing materials. You can also use earned media quotes for pop-up displays or award applications. Earned media can be a powerful way of increasing your online presence. Include it in your social media marketing campaigns. You’ll be surprised at how effective it can be.

Paid media (or bought media), is still an important way to boost your online visibility. Earned media can include both online and offline publications. Earned media can include both print publications and TV ads. Brands can’t control earned media unlike paid media. The content of these publications is more credible and trustworthy. This makes it easier for you to increase your brand’s popularity. If you’d like to get more media coverage, you should create high-quality content for your website.

Respect is earned

How can you earn respect from others. Being an effective manager requires more than just competence in the workplace. You must also be able handle different types of people without being disrespectful. It does not always require physical proof, but rather putting yourself on the same level as others. These are some ways to earn respect from others. You can also reward your team members for good work. You must reward your employees regularly to gain respect.

If you make people feel important, they will respect you. People can be attracted by your achievements or great abilities. Respect can be earned by living up to your word and doing the right thing. You can do this by staying above the fray and by treating others with respect. While everyone deserves respect, some people need it more than others. It is possible to earn respect without having a superiority complex. If you earn respect, it will be much easier to deal with people and situations that are challenging to you.

Respecting others requires you to be kind and generous. Find situations where you can help others. Make it a point to take responsibility for your actions. See how many times you can help someone in one day. It is easy to show respect when you take action and put others’ needs before your own. Try to pay it forward and watch how it can lead to wonderful things. If you don’t have people to help, it will be difficult to earn it from others.

Earn a living

Most people consider earning a living a matter of having enough money to pay for the necessities. Living comfortably in a city, such as San Francisco, requires nearly $100,000 per year in order to pay for housing, groceries, and gas. The average American earns about $40k-$60k per year, but many people do not make enough to live comfortably. 90% of the world’s population have less than $5000 saved for an emergency.

The Right to Earn a Living Act would restore the proper balance between freedom of enterprise and legitimate government regulation. Individuals would be able to pursue their own business and profession without being restricted by the legislation. The bill preserves the power of the state regulatory agencies to protect public safety through legitimate regulations. This bill will make it easier to earn a living for Americans without a college degree or high-powered education. But it would do more than restore the balance.

There are many synonyms and definitions for the word “earn” in the English dictionary. Earning a living is, for example, working in a field that is free from toxic substances such as smoking. There are thousands of synonyms and translations for the term “make your living”. You can look up the definition of “earn a living” in a dictionary and discover the right one for you. A living is something everyone should be able to do.

How to Use the Word “Earn This” Example Sentences
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