How to Use USC Schedule Helper

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Installing the USC schedule helper will make class registration easier for USC students. This Chrome extension shows how many seats are left next to each class’s name and highlights the ones that are full in bold. Students can also subscribe to email alerts through the application. This is especially useful for those classes that have only a few remaining seats. Students can sign up for spot openings through the extension, which makes it easier to find a seat in a class they are interested in.

This app also simplifies the process of course planning, including a course bin, which allows students to select which courses to register for and filter them by sections. The app uses a Beautifulsoup-based web scraper to automatically extract course information from the USC Schedule of Classes. Moreover, students can edit their preferences, such as the amount of time between sections and lunch and dinner breaks. Students must log in to their myUSI account to create a class schedule.

How to Use USC Schedule Helper
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