Huntley Signs a New Ravens Contract

The Baltimore Ravens have signed American football quarterback Tyler Isaiah Huntley as an undrafted free agent. He played college football at the Utah Utes. After the 2020 NFL Draft, Huntley will become a free agent. The Ravens were interested in Huntley because he starred in college and was a great fit for their offense. Huntley’s contract with the Ravens is worth $36 million. This makes him the most expensive quarterback in Ravens history, but he also represents the best value for their money.

In the meantime, the Ravens could wait until the 2023 NFL Draft to decide on a quarterback. Alternatively, they could trade Huntley now and add a prospect at that time. The Ravens won’t trade Huntley before then. Huntley will be 23 next spring, and will be eligible for restricted free agency. That means that the Ravens will have to pay him in 2020. This won’t be a good deal for Huntley, but it could make sense if the Ravens need a quarterback in the future.

Tyler Huntley signed a contract with Baltimore Ravens that includes a $57,000 signing bonus and a guaranteed $30,000. His base salary is $610,000, while his cap number is $895k. In 2022, the Ravens will earn $895k from the contract. This is a substantial amount for an undrafted agent. Huntley will be paid $780,000 for the full year with this deal. With the right motivation, he can be successful in the NFL.

Huntley has an option to sign an extension in June, which will keep him in Baltimore beyond his contract. His current deal is only for one year, and he’s eligible to become an exclusive-rights free agent after that. The Ravens will have another great quarterback if he stays. And they won’t let the opportunity slip through their hands. Hopefully, this is the year that Huntley signs a new contract.

Huntley is a skilled backup quarterback and can gain points by rushing. Huntley completed 16 of 31 passes for 141 yard and threw two interceptions. He was also penalized for a delay penalty on third-and-4 from four. Huntley is not Jackson’s replacement, but he is very close to Jackson’s explosiveness. And the Ravens’ quarterbacks have a few other things to work on before signing him.

Huntley was also a backup quarterback last season. The Ravens had hoped to retain him for his veteran status and depth. However, he wasn’t under contract for the following season. After being placed on injured reserve Huntley is now a great candidate to replace Griffin. He will be able to earn a spot in training camp. The Ravens will likely sign Huntley as their franchise quarterback in the interim.

Although it was a difficult year for Lamar Jackson and Tyler Huntley, they have been solid backups. Huntley, a former dual-threat quarterback at Utah University, has shown his ability to step in and assume the role. Huntley was the starting quarterback for four games last season in the absence Lamar Jackson. He threw for 1,081 yards and added two touchdowns on the ground. In addition to his impressive statistics, the Ravens have a need for a new quarterback.

Huntley Signs a New Ravens Contract
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