Hyuga New Year Bash

The grandfather’s birthday is the second day of the hyuga New Year celebration. Boruto, who doesn’t know what would please him most, sneaks around the Hyuga household in search of information. He discovers that he will be the one who chooses a gift for his grandfather’s birthday. The next day, the third day of the celebration, he plans on proposing to the woman of his dreams.

In addition to the new year celebrations, the Hyuuga also celebrate Taiyin New Year, the first sun of the year, which is also the most important day of the year. The Hyuuga use a Taiyin calendar, which is based on lunar cycles and astronomical phenomena. Each month consists of three solar terms. The first day of the new year marks the beginning of the festival.

The Hyuuga have many religious celebrations throughout the year, which center around the worship of the ancestors and the goddess Tian. These beliefs are a source for pride and closely relate to their religion. The Hyuuga will be celebrating the new year by offering offerings to their gods as well as to their ancestors. They will also hold traditional ancestor worship rituals, such as dancing and eating.

The peace between the Hyuuga and Hanta clans did not last long. The warring clans led to the Hyuuga questioning their beliefs, and questioning their ancestry. They believed they were the chosen from Heaven and Tian. This new sentiment was not accepted by the other faction, leading to increased tensions. The Hyuuga agreed to return to the old monastery and celebrate New Year’s Eve in the temple.

Hyuga New Year Bash
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