ICE Salary – What Does an ICE Special Agent Make?

A new report reveals that the average ICE salary is PS91,000, or around PS25,000. The highest earner at the agency is PS200,000, and its membership has increased to PS91,000, which represents a 5% increase in pay. Other top earners at institutions such as the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and the Institution of Engineering and Technology make between PS260,000 and PS270,000. Two additional staff members earn over PS200,000.

A typical ICE special agent earns $79,013 per year in the US, and they make the most in Denver. The salary is variable. The average salary for the middle 60 percent is less than $77210 per year, while those in the top 80% make more than $128 6,690. If you are considering applying to become an Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Agent, you can learn more about the job requirements and salaries in the following sections.

Salaries at Ices depend on your role and the organizational function you are in. A Software Engineer can earn up to $104,564 per annum, while a Systems Analyst or Consultant may make less than $40,000.

An Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent is responsible for preventing illegal immigration into the U.S. and preventing unlawful traffic. The agency currently has four branches and employs more than twenty thousand law enforcement officers. This position can lead to other federal law enforcement agencies such as the Secret Service and the US Coast Guard. If you want to travel internationally, you might consider becoming an ICE agent.

The ICE salary is higher than the average salary in the federal government. To be certified for this job, one must be in good physical condition and pass a series physical tests. ICE agents must be prepared to work anywhere in the United States to enforce the law. This career can be highly rewarding, as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 7% growth in the field of immigration enforcement over the next decade. The ICE salary will continue to increase, so it’s a good time to apply for a position in this field.

Entry-level ICE agents typically require a bachelor’s degree or graduate degree and at least one year of work experience. For GL-9 positions, those with a master’s degree may be exempt from the experience requirement. As long as the veteran is able to demonstrate the required experience, the education requirement may be waived. On-the-job training is an essential part of the job and can help you reach your full potential as an ICE agent.

ICE Salary – What Does an ICE Special Agent Make?
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