Icthlarin’s Little Helper OSR Guide

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In order to get Icthlarin’s Little Helper, you have to complete the magic carpet transport network between the cities of Nardah and Sophanem. You can use a Construction skillcape or magic carpet system to travel between them. Fairy Rings can be used to code DLQ. However, this is a very distant option and should not be used in a pinch.

Access to Sophanem or the city of Gertrude is required to start Icthlarin’s Little Helper. During this quest, you will meet a wanderer, who will ask you for a cat and a water skin. Once you have the cat, you are able to take it to your friends to use it for quests. Gertrude is a level 191 Monster in Sophanem. To get the cat, you will need to travel to the west side of the city.

Icthlarin’s Little Helper OSR Guide
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