Icthlarin’s Little Helper RS3 Guide

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The quest Icthlarin’s Little Helper is one of the many quests in Role-Playing Game RS3. In this quest, you need a cat to help you get to the city of Sophanem. It is a simple quest, but the rewards are great. You’ll be rewarded with a cat whose name is Icthlarin. There are many types of cats, each with different levels. You can choose to adopt a cat who is at the same stage as you or get a new cat who is at the same stage.

Once you have all the items, you can defeat Icthlarin. You can make him disappear by assisting his former high priest. After you have completed the quest, you will be able to meet the High Priest and speak with him. Then, go back to the eastern burial chamber, where you will meet Icthlarin.

Icthlarin’s Little Helper RS3 Guide
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