Immigrate to the US With Immihelp

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Immihelp is the best place to find information about immigrating to the US. This website provides comprehensive advice and information on everything from US visas and green card to legal services and medical insurance. It’s like a combination of Wikipedia and a legal service firm. As an aspiring immigrant, it’s hard to know where to start. There are many questions you may have about the whole process. Immihelp can help.

Immihelp is a one-stop shop for everything an aspiring immigrant would need

In the wild west of online immigration advice, Immihelp is the general store. Immihelp offers everything, from legal advice to detailed reports of interactions with immigration officials. It is a great place to get started if you have no clue how to proceed. But don’t expect the site to make your immigration case faster – you’ll have to rely on your own research, and patience. does not replace legal advice. The site provides general information about immigration issues but does not offer legal advice. It is based on the experiences and opinions of visitors and website operators. Please remember that immihelp is a privately-owned website, not affiliated with any government agency or law firm.

It is Wikipedia

It is Wikipedia, the multilingual open collaborative information website, that you can edit from anywhere in the world. Editors can add, edit or delete information at will. There are tens of thousands of volunteers. Wikipedia pages are written, reviewed, and edited by a worldwide community. In addition to editors, users can add and delete content, and make changes to information that are inaccurate or incorrect. The Wikipedia community also makes use of the power of the internet to promote its mission of democratizing information.

The open-source model of production is another key characteristic of Wikipedia. Contributors are free to make edits, as long as they do not violate copyright restrictions and can be verified against an authentic published source. Wikipedia software makes it easy to correct errors. Contributions can sometimes cause problems. Experienced editors oversee changes and ensure that they are improvements. Wikipedia’s quality depends on the quality and accuracy of the information posted. This fact has helped the organization to become a global phenomenon.

The Wikipedia collection was also published on optical disks. The English Wikipedia CD Selection has 2,000 articles, while more than 200 thousand are on the Polish Wikipedia CD. There is even a free version of Wikipedia for Schools, which contains an edited selection of articles targeted to schools in the English-speaking world. Wikipedia is a political battleground with its millions of articles. Its opponents have every incentive control over what voters see when they search for contentious topics.

Immigrate to the US With Immihelp
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