Ina Receives a New Outfit in Hololive EN

ina receives a new outfit in hololive en 52606

The show revealed a new outfit for Ina. The show has a unique premise for revealing new outfits. The character appears on stage in a silhouette. Fans can choose to reveal the outfit by selecting parts of the silhouette. They can type on the screen to see each piece. The game also has a twist! Some outfit pieces are a cartoon of Ina while others are real clothes.

The Hololive EN idols are also expected to receive new outfits over the next few months. While it is unclear if the outfits will be 3D, Cover Corp confirmed that 3D models are being created. The new outfits are expected to be revealed in mid-2022. For the meantime, the group’s avatars will remain the same.

Ina Receives a New Outfit in Hololive EN
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