Inauguration Cocktail Recipes

As the country prepares for the next president, Americans will have plenty of reasons to celebrate with inauguration cocktail recipes. You can toast Barack Obama’s inauguration and the theme of change with these festive drinks. If you’re a fan of the presidential style, try a recipe based on blue curacao syrup, which is a nonalcoholic substitute for blue liquor. You can also make traditional libations like Manhattans, gimlets, and martinis, which can all be found at any cocktail bar.

Inauguration Day is a special occasion, so why not celebrate it in style with festive cocktails made with red, white, and blue ingredients? It’s a perfect pre-game cocktail, and you’ll never go wrong with a festive Instagram photo. Inauguration Day is an exciting time to be American, and a red, white, and blue cocktail is the perfect way to do it. But you’ll want to be sure to save room for the next president.

A red, white, and blue drink is the perfect cocktail for the Inauguration Day festivities, and you don’t have to be a fan of the president to enjoy a festive cocktail. These cocktails have been a traditional part of American celebrations for a long time, but now you can indulge in them with a little extra effort. This festive drink is perfect for a pregame pre-game party, and is also a great way to snap some festive Instagram photos.

The first official ball on Tuesday is a black tie affair, but there will also be dozens of self-proclaimed inaugural balls. On Wednesday, the Obamas will be attending 10 balls slated for the day, and a half dozen other galas. Many of these are themed around a certain ideology or target audience. The Inaugural Peace Ball, for example, will feature performances by Joan Baez and Gina Chersevani.

After the official inauguration, you can celebrate the new president with a celebratory red, white, and blue cocktail. It’s not too late to enjoy a red, white, and blue cocktail this President’s Day. Just make sure to have some of your favorite beverages handy for the festivities. If you have the occasion, you can even share some festive Instagram photos with friends by making them. There’s nothing better than toasting the new president.

Inaugural parties will also be a great opportunity to toast the new president. Whether you’re at the inauguration party or just planning to attend one, a red, white, and blue cocktail will be a great choice for the occasion. Guests can sip on the presidential champagne during the festivities or enjoy a festive libation after the formalities. This cocktail is sure to be a hit! It’s not just for pre-inauguration parties; it’s also great for holiday-party prep.

The presidential inauguration will be celebrated by several events. The celebration will involve a number of balls, including the many self-proclaimed ones. On Tuesday, the first day of the inauguration, the first few official balls will be held. Then, you can also attend several unofficial inaugural parties. For example, the Canadian Embassy will host a cocktail party at the Canadian embassy. The bar will serve cocktails made with Canadian whiskey. The Canadian ambassador’s favorite drink is Crown Royal, which she gulped during the campaign.

Besides the official balls, there are also self-proclaimed inauguration balls. While the Obamas will be at the first official ball on Tuesday, two dozen more events will be held during the first few days of the inauguration. Some of these are organized around specific demographics, while others are aimed at a particular ideology. The Inaugural Peace Ball will feature Joan Baez singing the anthem while Gina Chersevani will be mixing the cocktails.

Aside from the official balls, there are also numerous self-proclaimed balls where you can indulge in a celebratory drink. The Obamas are scheduled to attend at least 10 official balls on Tuesday, but there are more than two dozen other galas around the country. Some of these are organized by theme or by target audience. A swanky ball will be held during the first few hours of the inauguration. There will be plenty of chances to have a drink and take a festive Instagram photo.

Inauguration Cocktail Recipes
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