Indianapolis Colts Outlook For 2017

The Indianapolis Colts’ offense is still potent as the second season of Andrew Luck era draws near. T.Y. Hilton led the NFL in receiving yards with 1,448, while Andrew Luck returned to franchise form after injury-plagued years. Luck is still recovering from shoulder surgery but should be fully fit by training camp. This offensive production should continue in 2017.

The Indianapolis Colts’ offensive line continues to be the team’s best player. The defensive line is solid, but the linebackers tend to stick to the first level too long. They lack natural speed, making it difficult to cover faster players in space. The secondary blockers of the Colts are too small and poorly developed. In addition, the offensive line has a hard time establishing pressure inside the ‘box’, making it difficult for the defense to protect Luck from the middle.

The secondary of the Indianapolis Colts needs to be completely restructured. Two safety starters are missing from the team: Vontae and Mike Adams. Mike Adams, the starting safety from last season, is set to turn 36 before the start of the 2017 season. Vontae, the best cornerback on the team, is not expected to return. Darius Butler is expected stay, but the Colts will need to find a cornerback to replace him.

The Indianapolis Colts have a challenging schedule in 2017. They will be facing a variety of better teams from the AFC South, NFC West and elsewhere. The Colts will also face the Seattle Seahawks and the Cleveland Browns. These opponents are not necessarily a threat to the Colts. Their schedule isn’t easy, but it will provide a foundation for a successful season.

After a disappointing season, the Indianapolis Colts will be trying to rebound in 2017. Luck was a solid franchise quarterback, but the team was plagued with inconsistency. The team hired Chris Ballard after Ryan Grigson fired him last year. The former Kansas City Director of Football Operations has given Colts fans hope. There are a few things they can expect to see from this new coach.

The Indianapolis Colts have made major changes in the offseason. Andrew Luck will be back in the lineup, but the team still needs a strong running attack and offensive line protection. The team also needs skill players to make Luck more efficient. The Colts are going to be awful without Andrew Luck. They will have to gouge and rake to win games. If they don’t improve their running game, this team will end up looking like a joke.

The Indianapolis Colts have been focusing on improving the defense as much as possible during the offseason. This year, they have selected five offensive linemen. This is their fifth offensive lineman from the previous two drafts. Having a strong line will help protect Luck from the opposition, so the team has been stockpiling offensive linemen to protect him. This is not a good thing because the Colts’ defense is not the only weakness.

Indianapolis Colts Outlook For 2017
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