Inquisition New World Musket Guide

The Musket can be used in Inquisition: New World as a melee weapon. There are many Mastery Trees you can choose from to enhance your weapon. It is important to choose Mastery Points that are in the previous row. This will allow you to select deeper Masteries. Similarly, you should select the Masteries with vertical lines first before choosing those with horizontal lines. It is crucial to choose the right Mastery for your Musket in order to succeed in solo content. Ideally, you should choose Abilities that will provide high damage. This is why traps, stopping power, and powder burn are highly recommended. The Sharpshooter tree is also an excellent choice, but it’s often difficult to land consistent headshots, especially in Expeditions.

Once you’ve selected the weapon tree you want, you need to find the materials you need for crafting the weapon. Then, you can travel to an area where you can craft it. You will find the schematics that will show you what materials you need. This information is crucial for crafting your weapon.

Legendary weapons are stronger than ordinary weapons. They are the top tier of item rarity, and they have unique names. These weapons can also be equipped with curated Perks and fixed Gear Scores that make them more powerful than their regular counterparts. These weapons can be used by players of all levels, but they are difficult to obtain. Players should carefully study them before purchasing them.

Inquisition New World Musket Guide
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