Intersight Whats New?

Cisco Systems recently redesigned its Intersight hybrid cloud platform. This allows customers to manage Kubernetes and VMs in public clouds as well as on-prem containers. The latest release also integrates with AWS Elastic Compute Cloud and can manage containers across several public clouds. For more information, visit the Intersight Whats New Page. This article focuses on the most important features and enhancements.

Intersight’s key benefits include adaptive cloud-powered infrastructure management and automation driven by analytics. The product continuously learns to improve its capabilities. It can use cloud-based machine learning to deliver actionable intelligence, make recommendations, and even make recommendations based upon historical data. It also adheres strictly to security standards. In addition, the platform supports policy enforcement across multiple environments. The new version features enhanced performance monitoring, improved optimization, and better insights to ensure the highest level of security.

With the new Intersight Workload Optimizer, customers can map any application to their infrastructure and perform real-time remediation and diagnosis. Intersight Cloud Orchestrator is easy-to-use, low-code orchestration. IT administrators no longer have to worry about managing the on-premise management infrastructure. Intersight combines analytics, machine learning and automation to make it a vital business tool for data center operations.

Cisco UCS X-Series offers a range of new features that expand on the adaptability of Intersight’s platform. With a unified fabric managed by Intersight, these systems have an open modular design and are capable of running modern applications. Intersight manages this simplified platform, which is ideal for most workloads. With these new features, it has become the fastest growing UCS system in Cisco history.

Intersight offers Telemetry Data Collection that integrates with Cisco TAC. Users can control how data is shared between their devices. Cisco Intersight API is built on the OpenAPI standard (formerly known as Swagger). To get started quickly if you are new to APIs, the Swagger-UI can be used. You’ll find Intersight useful once you have installed it.

Intersight also supports hybrid cloud management and orchestration with its Cloud Orchestrator platform. The platform provides pre-built and custom tasks, as well as a drag and drop interface. This makes hybrid cloud app deployments easier, and management much easier. Cisco Intersight, a cloud-based hybrid cloud management platform, will simplify the management and orchestration your cloud infrastructure. Integration with popular applications like Cisco UCS Manager or HyperFlex is also available.

Intersight Whats New?
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