Iron Storage Chest in New World

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Iron Storage Chest is one of the most useful pieces of equipment for the players of the upcoming MMO game, New World. This chest can store up to 300 items including armor and other items. In order to craft one, you must have a Furnishing level of 85 and a Tier 3 or higher Workshop.

Aside from being functional, iron trunks add texture and depth to the surface space. They’re also a great way to elevate the look of any room. They’re made of iron and have a distressed look, making them suitable for indoor use. They can be shipped in one carton.

Besides Iron Storage Chests, you can also buy satchel or bag items to increase storage space on your character. These items go into a dedicated bag slot in your character’s inventory. They grant +150 to 410 storage by default, but you can also gain more by purchasing additional perks. There are nine types available in New World. Each bag has its own benefits. Your Gear Score determines how much storage you can carry.

Another storage chest you can buy is the Hope Storage Chest. It costs 0.43 cents and gives you 4,512 furnishing XP. This item is useful if you want more crafting skills and to collect more items. There are several ways to obtain a Hope Storage Chest.

Iron Storage Chest in New World
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