Is a Lab Jindo Mix Right For You?

A Lab Jindo mix can be purchased at your local pet shop or from a puppy breeder. They have a double-layered, self cleaning coat that is waterproof and weather-resistant. Some people may not like this breed due to its shedding habits. For this reason, we recommend researching both breeds before buying one. However, you should know that a Lab Jindo mix is not suitable for everyone.

A Jindo is generally a quiet dog that does not whine, howl, or bark much. However, they will bark if they see strangers or when new people visit. They do bark to attract attention. Despite their quiet nature, Jindos are highly intelligent and are known to be friendly. They can be destructive, despite their intelligence. If they are not socialized well, they can become destructive. You want a calm and affectionate dog. Make sure you exercise your Jindo regularly and take it to the park.

The Jindo Lab mix is moderately shedgy. You can demat its coat with a slicker brush. The Jindo’s digestive track is optimized for a carnivorous diet. Therefore, it is not recommended to feed a Jindo cheap commercial dog food. Also, avoid foods high in corn, as these are bad for this breed. You can feed your Jindo a balanced diet as long as it is high in vegetable protein or meat.

A Jindo Lab mix makes a great pet for urban areas and townhouses. They do not bark much and can be a great companion for those who live in the country. This breed is known for their guard-like nature and should be socialized early with other pets. In addition to these, a Jindo Lab mix needs daily exercise and socialization to stay healthy and happy. He also needs to be loved and supervised as with all dogs.

A Jindo Lab Mix is a loyal and intelligent dog. While a Labrador is a highly energetic dog, a Jindo will do best when participating in activities with a family. The Jindo inherits the gentle nature of its parents and will bond well with their family. Although it will be a great family pet, it can sometimes be shy around strangers and will bark if he perceives a threat or anxiety.

The Jindo, a Korean breed of dog, was born on the island Jindo in 13th century. Korean expatriates brought the breed to the United States. They are known for their loyalty, bravery, and loyalty. One heartwarming tale about a Jindo shows its loyalty: a Jindo named Baekgu was sold and shipped over 187 miles to a new owner. Seven months later, he returned to his owner, still loving and loyal, but a little weaker. The story inspired a documentary, cartoons and even a book.

Another common complaint about a Jindo is its high prey drive, so it’s important to socialize the dog with other animals and people. If left alone, it can be aggressive toward strangers and other animals. Jindos can be socialized and are usually not destructive. A Jindo can be a great companion once they have been socialized, but they should be kept contained and supervised. However, because of the high jumper nature of the Jindo, they must be fenced in.

Is a Lab Jindo Mix Right For You?
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