Is Brandon Ingram Rookie Good For The Pelicans?

Ingram was selected by the Los Angeles Lakers second overall in the 2016 NBA Draft. Ingram averaged ten points per game as a rookie. His production increased and he was named to the NBA’s second-team All-Rookie Team. Ingram averaged sixteen points and five rebounds per game during his second year. He also had three assists. Ingram’s scoring average grew to more than 18 points per game in his third season.

Ingram is an offensive player of high quality with underrated athletic potential. Ingram’s size, reach, and fluid feet make him a great ball-handler. However, his lack of elite explosiveness makes completing over the rim from the perimeter difficult. To unlock his offensive potential, Ingram needs to strengthen his core and lower body. He also needs to overcome his gangly physical phase. Ingram has a lot of potential but he must be respectful at all times.

Ingram’s stature is a plus compared to many other NBA players. He is a great combination for shooting with his 6-foot-9 frame. He also has a seven-foot-three-inch wingspan. In addition to his size, Ingram is a gifted isolation scorer and a good rebounder. Ingram is also able to draw fouls, which allows him to score points in the post. Ingram’s shooting ability means that he can hit high percentages of his shots.

Although Ingram isn’t as good as Anthony Davis or Kevin Durant, he’s still a top prospect who can help the New Orleans Pelicans build an elite roster. Ingram isn’t a top prospect, but he’s come a long way over the past 18 months. Ingram’s foundational skills and his physical tools make him a top-ranked prospect in the 2016 NBA Draft. There’s a bright future ahead for Ingram, who’ll probably stay in New Orleans for many years.

Ingram’s stock is dependent on his offensive consistency as well as the performance of his teammates. If he can play with McCollum and Williamson, Ingram’s rookie stock can increase. If he isn’t able to get the same production from Williamson and McCollum, Ingram might be a better choice to stay with a team not as weak as the Lakers. Ingram’s rookie stock could rise if he is healthy.

In isolation situations, Durant scored better than Ingram. Ingram scored 0.94 points per possession in isolation situations, which is impressive considering his youth. His shooting stroke and footwork are also advanced for his level of development. Durant is more efficient at shooting off the ball than Ingram. His ability to create space off the dribble is still lacking, but he does possess a good feel for the game and has shown flashes of dominance.

Is Brandon Ingram Rookie Good For The Pelicans?
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