Isaiah Thomas Latest News

If you’ve been following the Isaiah Thomas latest news, you’ve likely come to the same conclusion: he wants to return to the Boston Celtics. After all, he played despite a damaged hip and the tragic loss of his sister. Thomas is currently on a 10-day contract with the Charlotte Hornets. It’s not clear if Thomas will continue with the Charlotte Hornets or if he will try to sign with another team.

In the past couple of weeks, Thomas has made a few appearances with the Charlotte Hornets. He’s scored 10 points in six of those games. While Thomas doesn’t look like the dominant force that he was with the Celtics, he remains an efficient contributor at the NBA level. His average scoring is now at 9.3 points, with a 44.7 percent shooting rate. The Los Angeles Lakers are believed to be interested in signing him despite this setback.

In his last game for the Celtics, Thomas posted his first double-double since the 2016-17 season. Thomas scored 17 points and had 10 assists, but the team lost the match 159 to 158. The latest news about Isaiah Thomas is becoming more difficult to keep up with, as there are so many rumors. He is currently involved with COVID-19 health protocols. While it is unknown what the future holds for Thomas, we will continue to follow his progress as he continues to prove his worth.

Boston also contacted Isaiah Thomas’ camp last night. The team has been linked to a trade for Kevin Love, but has also been looking at trading Rajon Rondo. If Boston does end up pursuing Thomas, it will be because they’ve reached a cap space limit and are concerned about losing Rondo. It’s difficult to imagine the Boston Celtics trading for a point guard, especially one like Isaiah Thomas.

Thomas’s trade was controversial. It was perceived that Thomas was injured and that the Celtics were trading him after a pre-season game. Thomas is now a shell of his former self, averaging only five points per game and displaying a lack of quickness and agility. His absence on the court, and in the playoffs, will leave the team short-handed.

Although Isaiah Thomas’ trade to the Cavs was controversial, it is a good move for the team. While he played in Boston for just two seasons, he has been one of the most impactful players in the franchise’s recent bridge years. His emergence as the franchise’s leading scorer helped the team overachieve and won it the East. It’s easy to see why Celtics fans are so reluctant to let him go.

Isaiah Thomas Latest News
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