Isaiah Thomas Postseason Stats

If you’re looking to pick a team this playoff season, Isaiah Thomas should be on your radar. Thomas signed a contract to play for the Hornets in the 2021-22 season. Thomas’s performance on back to back 10-day contracts has earned the opportunity to be a member of the team. Thomas averages ten points, 1.5 rebounds and 2.2 assists over his last six games. He should continue to earn bench minutes throughout the rest of the regular season. During Monday’s 115-111 win over the Thunder, Thomas posted a score of 12 points (four-10 FG, four-3 3Pt) and dished out four assists.

Thomas was impressive against both the Bulls and the Jazz, even though they were swept. His 3PT% against Bulls was the highest in the NBA this season. And his special fire was apparent. Even though he was unable to win against the Bulls, he had a distinct edge over the Pistons in both regular season and postseason games. Thomas’ playoff performance is impressive compared to his regular season stats.

The 76ers had a powerful franchise when Thomas was a sophomore. In 1983, the team won the championship. At that time, the 76ers had Stockton as their leading point guard, and Thomas’ dominance was overshadowed by the superstar’s dominance in the early 90s. In this era, Thomas’ playing career began to fade. His playoff statistics will give you a better understanding of his career.

Though his playoff performances were uneven, the Warriors’ Isaiah Thomas showed his worth as a player and a leader in the NBA. He averaged 21.7 point per game and 7.3 rebounds in the regular season. Thomas scored 28 points in Game 4. This was his season-high. This helped the Celtics tie their series. Thomas also showed his defensive versatility against the Bucks who had many big guards.

In 1988, Thomas was the only player to shoot better than. In the playoffs, he had a record of.500 against Bird. If Thomas had faced Erving, he would have had a 12-19 playoff record. Despite averaging over twenty points per game, Thomas was just 0.3 assists away from a double-double. A double-double would have gotten him to the finals.

Isaiah Thomas only played two more games with Gold before joining Charlotte Hornets. He signed a 10-day contract. He was acquired by the Charlotte Hornets for the remainder of the season. However, it is unclear whether Thomas will play with the team next season. There are some intriguing questions surrounding Thomas’ future with the Hornets. If he is, he could be a serious contender in the next postseason.

Isaiah Thomas Postseason Stats
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