It Help Desk Salary in Toronto

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If you are interested in starting a career in IT support, you will probably wonder how much an it help desk salary in Toronto is. This job is very popular for new tech professionals because it requires little training and allows them to be exposed to many IT domains. To earn your degree, you can also enroll in technical support specialist courses. Admissions advisors can help you find out more about the course curriculum, career placement, as well as tuition costs. Many schools offer certificate programs that can be enrolled in as an alternative to a degree program. You can also search by technology platform or job role for specific IT support courses, such as network administration.

The salary for help desk managers in Toronto is approximately 173,000 CAD per year. This position is typically worth twice as much after 10 years of work experience. 183,000 Canadian dollars per year is the average annual salary for those with ten to fifteen-years of experience. Those with more than 20 years of experience earn a salary of 210,000 CAD per year. Salary increases are dependent on the company and employee’s education. In general, the salary increases with age and experience.

The salary range for an entry-level help desk manager in Toronto is approximately $141,000 CAD, while salaries for senior-level help desk managers can reach up to $95,476 CAD. These salaries are based on survey data collected from employers in the Toronto area. On average, entry-level help desk agents earn $56,264 CAD while senior-level helpdesk analysts earn $95,449CAD.

It Help Desk Salary in Toronto
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