Ja Morant on My Grizzlies

Ja Morant is part of my Grizzlies. The young forward is averaging 21.2 points and 7.0 rebounds in his first NBA season. After transferring from Duke, Morant joined the Grizzlies on February 1. In addition to being the most productive player on the team, Morant is a valuable asset for Memphis’ young roster. Morant is on the verge to become the Grizzlies’ top scorer.

Morant will be absent from Game 4 against the Warriors, unfortunately. Memphis has not yet released a timeline for his return, but it is likely to be a multi-week absence. If Golden State wins Game 5, Morant’s season could come to a close. Tyus Jones is expected to start Game 5, but he may need additional time. The Warriors are expected to win Game 5 despite the Grizzlies’ injury concerns.

Despite his injury, Morant remains one of the NBA’s most athletic young players. He’s the most athletic player since Derrick Rose and has enormous talent. His rise to stardom could spell doom for a struggling Memphis team. With such talent, you would expect the team to contend in the playoffs, and Ja Morant isn’t any different. He is currently the best young player in NBA.

Morant scored 47 points on 62.3 percent shooting and grabbed eight rebounds in his matchup against the Warriors. In the loss, Morant recorded 34 points on 64.4 percent shooting with nine rebounds and 10 assists. He also had a steal in the matchup against Warriors. He scored 30 points in his last matchup (9-21 FG, 2-3 3Pt) during 45 minutes.

Ja Morant on My Grizzlies
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