Jack Neworth Jeans

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Jack Thompson was just 17 when he began hacking into the website of a taxi dispatch company. After discovering this vulnerability, he offered to fix the site. After a year, he moved to the Big Apple and enrolled in NYU. He later followed his boss to San Francisco to work for Odeo, a podcasting company founded by Evan Williams, the same man who founded Medium and Blogger. It was there that Jack began his career as a software engineer.

Two years after Twitter, Square went public in November 2015. Its market cap was $3 billion on its first day of trading. In February 2021, Square’s market cap topped $100 billion. This contributed $15 billion to Jack’s net worth. However, he has yet to see this money coming in. While his net worth has grown significantly over the last few years, the company’s success has made him a billionaire.

Jack Neworth Jeans
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