Jack Sather

Jack Sather

Jack Sather was an incredibly skilled, resourceful and passionate individual with a thirst for adventure. He enjoyed spending his free time sailing, volkswalking, taking ferry rides to Europe and cruising the Mediterranean Sea.

John loved camping, shoveling snow and playing senior softball. He was an exemplary family member and friend who had a genuine love of people as well as an infectious sense of humor.

Early Life and Education

John Sather was born in Cleveland, North Dakota to John and Anna (Horsted) Sather. He spent his youth growing up on a farm near Hayti and graduated from Hayti High School in 1948.

He earned a degree in engineering from the University of Minnesota and then pursued a career in engineering.

Aside from his professional pursuits, he also had a deep-seated fascination with science and technology. His interests ranged from astronomy and computers to space travel.

He enjoyed life’s finer things, such as sailing Europe, volkswalking, ferry rides and weeks in Mexico. But most of all he loved his family and friends; his calm presence always available to lend a helping hand when needed. Sadly he will be missed by many. The Sather family would like to express their sincerest appreciation for all your kind words and prayers.

Professional Career

Jon has led large teams that operate around the world in complex human and technical espionage operations under high ambiguity and time pressure. His experience includes serving 10 years as a CIA Chief of Station (COS) and senior US Intelligence Community representative.

He retired from a position in the Senior Intelligence Service (SIS), an executive team that directs all CIA activities around the globe. As COS and senior representative, his duties included leading large mission components and key CIA mission centers to accomplish complex missions.

After leaving the CIA, he worked for several years as an attorney at a telecommunications company. During that time, his responsibilities included handling legal matters involving his employer; however, he had no prior experience in probate law.

Achievements and Honors

John Sather has earned a number of accolades for his accomplishments in education, philanthropy and community service.

He has been named one of the 50 Most Influential People in America by Forbes magazine and is also a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Leaders initiative.

He is an expert in land planning and development, having completed projects throughout the United States and beyond. His portfolio includes leading the design and construction of environmentally sensitive communities as well as large-scale initiatives in Mexico, Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Personal Life

John Sather was an esteemed land planner who was actively engaged in numerous projects throughout the United States and Mexico. Throughout his career, John Sather worked on numerous communities to achieve success.

He has served as the principal community designer on some of the most environmentally sensitive projects in western USA, offering his unique perspective to every endeavor that helps him envision and generate demand within communities.

Jack loved spending time with his family and traveling the world. He enjoyed camping, shoveling snow in Northern Idaho, cruising Europe, volkswalking, ferry rides, weeks in Mexico, playing tennis and pickleball, as well as winters spent in Arizona.

Net Worth

John Sather is an acclaimed NHL hockey player with an estimated net worth of at least $14 Million. He owns at least 360,000 units of El Pollo Loco Inc stock.

Since 2014, he has made at least three trades in El Pollo Loco Inc stock. The largest was exercising 360,000 units on May 19th 2015 for over $1,087,200.

He is a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame and was instrumental in building Canadian national teams that won both 1984’s Canada Cup and 1994’s Ice Hockey World Championship. Additionally, he coached four Edmonton Oilers Stanley Cup victories during the 1980s; thus, becoming an important factor in Wayne Gretzky’s acquisition. Most importantly, however, was his ability as a mentor to future stars of hockey that still inspire us today.

Jack Sather

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