Jacob DeGrom Is The Mets’ Rookie Of The Year

The National League (NL) has named Jacob deGrom its Rookie of the Year, and he certainly deserves the honor. The Mets were pleasantly surprised by his performance this season, as he only appeared in the team’s May 15 game against the Yankees. Although he only started playing baseball in 2014, deGrom was the most valuable player in the team, leading the NL in ERA and innings pitched while striking out 140 batters per nine innings. DeGrom was actually second to Billy Hamilton (the Cincinnati Reds’ outfielder).

He was the rookie to pitch in the majors in 2012’s spring. He also improved his arsenal by pitching in three minor league levels in 2013. He went on to record a 9-6 record with a 2.69 ERA, and he struck out more than one batter per inning. DeGrom’s performance improved throughout the year, and he is now the clear frontrunner for this award. On November 10, the BWAB announced DeGrom as the winner.

Jacob deGrom has not yet played in a playoff game despite his success. The Mets’ lackluster postseason performance has stifled his fantasy value and eroded his value. While his career has already earned him two Cy Young Awards, he is unlikely to win one in the next few years. However, his future as a star is still bright, and his cards will continue to be highly sought after by collectors.

In the Mets’ pen, deGrom is the second most exciting pitcher in the organization. Behind Matt Harvey, he’s also one of the team’s best bets for the Cy Young Award in 2021. While deGrom may not win the award, he’s certainly a threat. But what makes him the right candidate to be named Rookie of the Year? Jacob deGrom is back as the Mets’ ace pitching staff.

Jacob DeGrom Is The Mets’ Rookie Of The Year
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