Jacoby Oliver

Jacoby Oliver, 56, of Raleigh, NC, Passed Away on Friday, March 24, 2023

Jacoby relies on strawman arguments, employing classical fallacies. His logic goes like this: because progressives use buzzword arguments about diversity poorly — or in his eyes “badly by association,” as Jacoby suggests — then anti-progs must defend or appreciate these types of arguments from them.

In most newsrooms, this error would have resulted in Jacoby being cautioned or corrected – at worst receiving a formal censure from management.

Early Life and Education

Batchelor Brothers Funeral Establishment joins with the family of Mr. Jacoby D. Oliver (Coby D) as they grieve his departure on Friday, March 24, 2023 in Raleigh.

At University of Maryland he became one of the school’s inaugural integrated basketball players before attending Fisk University in Nashville Tennessee for further study before later earning a law degree at Columbia University.

He practiced law for eight years before returning to his family’s newspaper business and overhauling and leading AFRO through unprecedented growth, including digital expansion. Additionally, he served on the board of Baltimore-based First Mariner Bank as well as being past president of National Newspaper Publishers Association.

Professional Career

Jacoby is widely revered in journalism circles for his coverage of foreign affairs and columns published by The Boston Globe. Additionally, he has hosted multiple talk shows and made appearances both television and radio.

Jacoby Jones Foundation was created to transform communities and improve lives. Since its launch, they have provided educational scholarships, youth football camps and community events for underprivileged families in New Orleans.

He has made the semifinalist list for NFL Hall of Fame this year and hopes to be inducted this time around. He credits his success to his support team of Emily Jones; teammates Jeff Bostic and Mark May; as well as coaches at St Augustine and Lane College; his great-grandmother and aunt also for being vital.

Achievement and Honors

Jacoby Oliver has long been recognized for his success both as an NFL player and coach, as well as founding his foundation with the goal of improving lives by providing resources that empower young people academically, promote character development and support healthy lifestyle choices. He attributes much of his success to having his mother as his number-one fan and the community around him that helped along his journey.

At Rossville, he also taught football and baseball, leading his team to an unblemished record during his first year as defensive coordinator. Furthermore, he is an accomplished athlete, winning one state tennis championship as well as three sectional basketball championships during this time period.

He is well known as an enthusiastic and hard-working coach, leading players from elementary to collegiate and professional levels.

Personal Life

Jacoby Oliver was a dedicated husband, father, and grandfather who leaves behind Carol his loving wife of 56 years; four sons – Roland Jacoby of Plato with wife Doris of Plato; Michael Jacoby in El Paso Texas, Alan Jacoby with wife Carren from Iberia Indiana and Frederick Jacoby who hails from Howe Indiana as well as five grandchildren; as well as one sister Deborah Zeman (deceased) of Linn Creek Missouri) and Gary Zeman as his surviving survivors.

In 2000, The Boston Globe suspended Jacoby without pay for writing a column which many considered serious journalistic misconduct. His article depicted the struggles and travails of signers of the Declaration of Independence; such an account had long been told since its writing was signed off on by Thomas Jefferson. Such articles may normally have been corrected or discussed via semipublic email messages between friends; however, instead the Globe took such matters very seriously indeed.

Jacoby Oliver
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