Jake Paul’s Number Has Been Shared By Several Celebrities

If you’ve been wondering about Jake Paul’s dating history, you’re not alone. Throughout his career, the singer has been linked with a few women. In addition to his current girlfriend, Jake Paul has dated three other women in the past. Read on to find out more about them! You may be surprised to know that this famous number has been shared by several celebrities. Jake Paul has dated three different women in the past, including a handful of supermodels.

Nakisa Bidarian

Conor McGregor, a MMA fighter, has been following Jake Paul’s manager via Instagram. Bidarian, a former Chief Financial Officer of the UFC, represents Jake Paul’s management firm, Most Valuable Promotions. Jake Paul owns several cars, including a Ford Focus RS and Ford GT. He has also had a few fights in his past, including against Nate Robinson and Triller.

Nakisa was a well-known boxer before she became Jake Paul’s manager. She was the Senior Vice President of Business Marketing Initiatives and Finance at the UFC. She also worked with Triller and Fertitta Equity. She has been managing Jake Paul’s professional career since 2012. Nakisa has already been a part of Jake’s team for a while and has already helped him earn an impressive amount of money.

Dana White responded to Paul’s challenge by criticizing Bidarian’s social media presence. She also challenged Paul to start promoting himself and his fights. White added that Paul is not a pay-per-view draw, but said that Jake should agree to the initial request. Bidarian, Paul’s number, and Dana White’s response to the situation are both noteworthy.

Paul’s team would prefer that Paul fight later in this year, but it is unlikely that he will make a decision before the second half of the year. In the meantime, Amanda Serrano will continue to prepare for her fight with Katie Taylor, promoted by Most Valuable Promotions. Paul isn’t sure if the promotion would be a full-time job.

Randy Savage

Jake Paul is Jake Paul’s favorite MMA fighter and controversial wrestler. Paul has a plethora of fans, and his witty and funny videos have become a cult following. Jake Paul, who made his debut in 2013, has fought in the Cruiserweight division and has won five consecutive fights. His career has had ups and downs, though. He has been linked with models such as Erika Costell, who was his girlfriend in 2016. In 2018, Jake Paul was dating model Tana Mongeau, who he dated from April to November 2018. Jake Paul has a successful career in Rap and is a passionate YouTuber who loves fashion and music.

Known for his controversial videos, Jake Paul has dated a number of celebrities, including British singer Zayn Malik. The actor and singer has also appeared in a variety of other films and television shows. His most recent project was a lead role in the Disney Channel comedy series Bisaardvark. Despite the controversy surrounding Jake Paul, he’s been making headlines for many years. Jake Paul is hot and sultry with attractive features.

While wrestling is a lucrative profession, Randy Savage also has a sideline in baseball. He played for the St. Petersburg Cardinals in 1971 alongside Keith Hernandez. Savage was also a professional baseball player. His first wrestler character was Spider-Man. He was also the voice of Rasslor on the television show Dexter. He was once the voice for Rasslor. This role was cut short when Savage died from a heart attack.

Tana Mongeau

We all know that Jake Pauls is in love with actress Tana Mongeau, but did you know that she has a JakePauls number? Tana, who has been dating Jake since 2012, and Logan, the older brother of the actor, were spotted out having lunch together in Los Angeles. The couple did not engage in hand-holding or sloppy lips-locking. Logan was seen kissing Tana on the head while hunching down.

According to several news reports, Paul and Mongeau have a number of similarities. The two have tattoos matching each other, which they both revealed in May. Their relationship started as a simple one, but it has evolved into something more. While the two were first spotted in the same room, their relationship was allegedly getting closer over time. Paul explained how the rumors started in an episode of “Team 10 Uncut” in June. It appeared that they were trying to make the relationship more popular in order to gain more viewers.

They met online and soon began appearing in each others videos. Their relationship quickly turned into a serious one when Paul proposed to Tana on Tana’s birthday. He decorated a cake with the words “Will you mar me, Tana?” Both of them are now planning to have a child.

Erika Costell

After dating American model Erika Costell, Jake Paul has announced that the two are breaking up. The two were previously married for half a year and their marriage sparked suspicion from fans. Tana and Jake Paul are still close friends. The videos have racked up over 800 million views. Erika, a 27-year old woman, has been featured in many viral videos.

Erika Costell joined Jake Paul’s Team 10, an agency that manages influencer marketing. While working with Jake Paul, she became friends with the singer and was featured in several of his videos. Together, they released the song “Jerika,” which featured lyrics about their romance. The song reached the Billboard Hot 100, and was also charted in Canada. The song received positive press and cost Costell her first major Hollywood break.

Despite their split, Jake continues to be a social media star. He dated Erika Costell for several months while they were at the peak of their YouTube careers. Together, they were featured in several videos and spotted making music. In January 2020, the couple was legally separated. Jake has been linked with other women, including Julia Rose, an American model. However, it is unclear whether these relationships are serious or not.

Saxon Sharbino

If you’re a fan of horror movies, you may have heard about Saxon Sharbino, a twenty-one year old actress who dated actor Jake Paul in 2014. Her roles as Kendra Bowen, Amelia Robbins, and Amelia Robbins in The Batting Spirit (2015) were her first major roles. In this video, Jake and Saxon revisit the first date they went on together. The pair discuss how it went and why they’re still friends.

Jake Pauls and Saxon Sharbino met at a Vidcon event. Saxon disagreed with Jake’s claim that she looked like Lindsay Lohan. She looks more like his other ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet. They both have blonde hair, a bubbly personality, and a similar facial structure. Jake Pauls and Saxon haven’t yet spoken publicly about their relationship, but they’re still friends.

The two haven’t made public displays of affection but remain good friends. They even conducted an interview together in 2017.

Jake Pauls’ first girlfriend, Saxon Sharbino, was born in Lewisville, Texas, in 1999. She is now 22 years of age. She was formerly married to Tom Girardi, a lawyer, but the divorce was finalized last November. An attorney for the former couple filed a formal complaint for embezzlement, fraud, and other charges. The lawsuit claims that the divorce was fraudulent.

Alissa Violet

You’ve probably heard of Alissa Violet, the Instagram star with over 9.6 million followers. She was part of Team 10 with Jake Paul and has since joined CloutGang. She also dated rapper FaZe Bans, whom she dated between 2017 and mid-2019. She is also active on YouTube with 3.8 million subscribers. Here’s a closer look into her story and how she got Jake Paul’s number.

Although Alissa Violet is currently living in Los Angeles, she originally hails from Brunswick, Ohio. She is of White Caucasian descent, and follows the Christian faith. Alissa Violet posted Jake Paul’s number on Twitter. The tweets she left were in response to her. She has 8.7 million Instagram followers, and 3.8 million YouTube subscribers. Alissa Violet, along with Jake Paul, has been featured on several TV shows, including “Glee.”

The two were once in a relationship, but he split up with Violet in 2016. He claimed that Violet was not a real relationship and that the two had “psychological abuse.” He also allegedly shoved Violet into a cactus and hasn’t seen her since. However, her social media accounts have steadily grown. Although there isn’t a direct link between Violet and Paul, her Twitter account has a loyal following.

Jake Paul’s Number Has Been Shared By Several Celebrities
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