James Harden Muscle Development Workout

NBA superstar James Harden added 15 pounds of muscle during the off-season of 2017, and he also lost a considerable amount of fat. He eats healthy, even though he is known for his sweet tooth. To maintain his new physique, Harden adheres to a clean diet with plenty of fish, vegetables and fresh fruit. Harden also enjoys lean meats like turkey, grilled fish, or baked chicken. He also drinks electrolyte sports drinks to stay hydrated and refuel his body.

The hamstrings are an important part of Harden’s body. They help generate power from the hips. They aid Harden in transitioning from braking to a balanced shooting motion. They are what allow Harden’s velocity to increase exponentially when attacking off the dribble. But hamstrings are also the body part that can be damaged by an injury or overuse. Harden’s injuries to this muscle group may affect his ability to perform his best on the court.

James Harden’s muscle-development routine includes mobility drills as well as rest. These exercises include high skip into deep squat, quick line into stick, and European stability drills. The workout also includes a variety of other exercises including rear-foot elevated split squats, inverted rows, and da Vinci planks. In the end, Harden’s routine features a hamstring mobility drill, kneeling ankle mobility drill, and a lot of cardio.

As a native Californian, Harden was drafted in the 2009 NBA draft. Harden joined the Oklahoma City Thunder’s ‘Big Three’ and quickly made his mark. He aspired to be the Oklahoma City Thunder’s sole star after he won the 2012 NBA Finals. He was disillusioned when he was traded to the Houston Rockets in pre-season.

The Rockets began a five-game road trip this weekend, and Harden plans to increase his workouts before each game. Harden will continue to play an integral role in the game. His conditioning will be critical to the team’s success. He will also continue to act like a hypnotist, relying on his transcendent abilities. It is impossible not to notice the impact of Harden’s muscle upon the performance of the rest of team.

Harden gained 15 pounds in just two days, although it is difficult to determine the exact weight loss of a star athlete. A picture of Harden taken a few days before his trade with the Rockets shows him looking very muscly and buff. Harden has gained a lot of weight since last season, when he was only 220 pounds. As a result of his intense workouts, Harden has added 5-10 pounds of muscle and is the fittest player in the NBA.

Harden is a skilled illusionist. He uses the crossover dribble repeatedly to gain rhythm, size up defenders, and spot open space. He can also penetrate defenders using his right hand and attempt a step back jumper. His upper-body strength and athleticism allow him to play through contact and eat up space. And he’s able to score through contact. Harden is a great player.

James Harden Muscle Development Workout
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