James stunt fortune

James Stunt is a British entrepreneur and businessman. He is best known for his high profile marriage to heiress and fashion designer Petra Ecclestone and the subsequent divorce from her. How rich is James Stunt?

Entrepreneur. Born on January 21, 1982 in London, United Kingdom. James stunt fortune is estimated at around 3 billion euros. He became a billionaire through the success of his many business ventures, including precious metals company Stunt & Co. Stunt has owned more than 200 vintage and luxury vehicles, including a bulletproof Rolls Royce. His brother Lee, who was the COO of Stunt & Co., passed away in 2016.

Bourgeois name: James stunt
Parents: Geoffrey stunt, Lorraine stunt
Spouse: Petra Ecclestone (married 2011-2017)
Children: Lavinia Stunt, James Robert Fredrick Stunt Jr, Andrew Kulbir Stunt
James stunt size: 1.82 m
Nationality: British
His career began: 2004

What is the net worth of James Stunt?
James Stunt’s net worth is currently € 3 billion.

Training: Bradfield College, Regents American College London
Is also often searched for: Tamara Ecclestone, Slavica Ecclestone, Bernie Ecclestone, Jay Rutland.

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James stunt fortune

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