Janeece Sinclair – Colby Covington’s Wife

Janeece Sinclair, a professional model, was born 31 January 1990. She is an Aquarius, the sign of a person born under the sun. She has married American Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter Colby Covington. She has a child named Caleb. They have two children together. Their relationship is a hot topic in the media. Janeece Sinclair, a beautiful and handsome hunk, is a great match to Colby Covington.

Janeece Sinclair

Janeece Sinclair, an American professional model and social media personality, is Janeece. She was born in San Antonio, Texas, and grew up with her elder sister, Rose. She has been involved in modelling and social media for several years and has worked with some of the country’s most prominent personalities. She is also married to Colby Covington (UFC fighter), and they live in Clovis, California.

In 2013, Polyana Viana made her UFC debut and fought her first MMA match. She has been associated with Colby Covington and other MMA fighters in the past. Polyana Viana, a fighter herself, is well-known for her beating down a Brazilian mugger. Sinclair has a long history working with other athletes, such as fitness models and UFC fighters, in addition to her MMA career.

The wife of Colby Covington is a fitness model who competes in fitness competitions in the United States. She was Fitness Universe Miss Bikini 2013 but has had health issues in the past. She had an ovary cyst removed in 2017 and suffered from mental and emotional problems afterward. Her husband and other athletes are astonished at her dedication to their fitness and health.

Polyana Viana

Recently, Polyana Viana has hit out at Colby Covington, a former UFC lightweight champion, over his comments regarding his wife. Viana claimed they were not romantically involved despite posing together on Instagram. Recently, Colby Covington refused the chance to face the UFC’s Leon Edwards after he opted out of the fight. Covington then questioned Viana about a recent post that he made regarding Leon Edwards, an opponent of his. After announcing a split, Leon Edwards has since pulled out of the main card.

Polyana Viana is a Brazilian mixed martial arts fighter who has been linked to many women in the past. Although her relationship with Colby Covington is considered platonic, there have been rumors about a romantic connection. Viana shared a photo of herself with Covington in March 2021. The picture was then shared on Instagram. She was wearing Colby Covington apparel.

The UFC alumna made her UFC debut in 2018, and the two were spotted together on her official Instagram account. Afterwards, Polyana Viana was robbed outside her Rio de Janeiro home. She then managed to take out the robber, and he was eventually arrested after Polyana Viana caught him in a rear-naked choke.

Masvidal’s ex-wife

After sharing a photo with her on Twitter, Jorge Masvidal’s UFC lightweight competitor has been linked to Maritza Masvidal, his ex-wife. In the photo, Covington captioned the picture, “Out here playing games with Mrs. Masvidal,” and it appeared to be the former MMA fighter’s wife. The fight aficionados are surely not shocked to know that Covington is the ex-wife of the boxer.

Colby Covington allegedly accused Jorge Masvidal, Maritza Masvidal, of cheating. However, the MMA fighter’s friend Colby Covington claimed that Masvidal’s ex-wife was the one deleting his social media accounts. The two met in Miami, where Masvidal allegedly told Colby to’stay away from the girls,’ but they ended up fighting again, and the pair stayed friends.

Covington and Masvidal had been teammates at Oregon State University and fought in the NCAA Division I tournament together. In 2011, Masvidal invited Covington to live with him for a period of time. They were so close that Covington’s former teammates joked about their relationship. They then fell out over Covington not paying Paulino Hernandez, their coach. Covington was jealous of the young wrestling talent and grew bitter.

The two former ATT teammates were infamous for arguing on the sidelines and hanging out outside the gym. After their friendship ended, they were publicly blasted. In the UFC 272 press conference, Masvidal and Covington exchanged hot words, with Covington poking Masvidal about having to pay half his salary to Maritza and not getting PPV points for the fight.

Dustin Poirier

The wife of UFC interim welterweight champion Colby Covington recently made headlines when he called out Dustin Poirier. Dustin was unhappy with Colby’s choice for his match against Jorge Masvidal. Dustin reacted negatively to Colby’s comment and threatened to drop him if he sees him again. Colby responded as expected.

It was not surprising that Poirier responded to the alleged beef between her husband, and the MMA star. Poirier, who has been training with Covington for two years, said that she was “appalled” by Covington’s comments. Poirier, who spoke to UFC magazine, said that her beef with Covington was personal. However, she would rather fight him on the street.

Dustin Poirier’s spouse is looking for a fight at a welterweight division. Rumours suggest she will face Michael Chandler, a former title contender. If that doesn’t happen, Dustin Poirier could move up to the welterweight division and fight Nate Diaz. Although it is possible that Covington will fight Conor McGregor in the welterweight division, she would prefer to fight someone who can match his style.

Rumours of a fight between the fighters have caused a stir in the MMA community. The women have been accused of having an affair with McGregor. Jolie Poirier, Poirier’s wife, was famous for her flipping McGregor in the Octagon. McGregor has had to have surgery to repair a fractured left tibia. Poirier said he wouldn’t fight Covington in an organised bout because they would both end up in jail.

Masvidal’s relationship with Dustin Poirier

Chael Sonnen is concerned that Jorge Masvidal’s and Dustin Poirier’s relationship might be damaged if one of them faces top UFC fighter Nate Diaz. Both men are top contenders within their respective divisions. Sonnen believes that Diaz can be defeated by one fighter, and not the other. Sonnen believes that one fighter can beat Diaz, so he made sure to include Poirier and Masvidal’s relationship in his most recent piece.

For years, the former UFC lightweight champion has been publicly feuding with Colby Covington. They fell out after Poirier left American Top Team. Since then, they have been feuding publicly, and recently Dustin Poirier made a statement about moving up to lightweight. Although this is not the best time to discuss his relationship with Dustin Poirier it is something he has been vocal about.

Covington is also linked to Poirier, although it remains to be confirmed. Poirier and Covington lost twice to Kamaru Usman, the same opponent. But Masvidal’s loss to Usman, the former lightweight champion, has been linked to a new opponent. In other news, Poirier is currently in Jamaica on vacation and tweeted that he would never fight Covington.

Jorge Masvidal’s comments recently suggest that the two have a difficult relationship. He has been known to have thrown insults at Covington in the past and has also reportedly had a fall out with Dan Lambert, the UFC’s American Top Team Coach. The two have been trading insults for the last several years, but recently walked out of their relationship. Although they still share a mutual respect for each other, a rift has been created and a new one.

Colby Covington’s gimmick

Despite his impressive record, Colby Covington’s gimick hasn’t really done anything to change the perception of his rivalry with Kamaru Usman. His MAGA hat, which was worn by the former UFC interim champion welterweight champion, has been criticised for generating little excitement. Some have questioned his ability to compete at such high levels, especially after his recent loss to Masvidal.

His controversial gimmick was a way to get his way with the UFC. The UFC had been threatening to release Covington following his fight against Demian Maia in Brazil, so he decided to take matters into his own hands and become a complete heel. The resulting controversy helped him land a lucrative new contract with the organization. But is his gimmick really worth all the attention?

Aside from his unorthodox tactics, Covington’s gimmock has also gotten him into hot water. Before, Covington was an avid supporter of the president. But the heat has gotten the best of him and he is now a political novice. However, his decision to attack protesters is a dangerous move. It will all come down to the gimmick.

The MMA media has said little about Covington’s actions and ignored the opportunity to speak out about it. Partly, this silence is due to a lack diversity in the media. The NFL and NBA have plenty of diversity, while MMA lacks diverse perspectives. While some writers are more open about their views than others, the majority of writers are still white. That’s a problem.

Janeece Sinclair – Colby Covington’s Wife
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