Jasmine Benjamin

Jasmine Benjamin

Jasmine Benjamin has served as stylist to some of the biggest names in music. She was responsible for revamping Miguel’s image, as well as costume design projects on TV and film.

Valdosta State University police have begun questioning students in response to 17-year-old Jasmine Benjamin’s death and dorms are being searched. Police do not rule out any potential wrongdoing as part of their investigation.

Early Life and Education

Jasmine epitomizes the relaxed and vibrant pace of California where she was raised, with a keen creative eye and ever-expanding intellectual curiosity which is expressed through research and teaching.

A couple met through an online dating app and met for Popsicles later that spring night – laughing over ironic coincidences and playful banter as the evening progressed – before staying up late talking through it all to create a memorable first date experience.

Jasmine works as a Program Associate at the Hyams Foundation in Boston, applying her political science background to support social movements. She helps coordinate the Black and Indigenous Resistance Fund while investigating power dynamics within philanthropy. Furthermore, Jasmine is writing a book on Islamic feminism as well as Muslim community life within Canada diaspora communities.

Professional Career

Jasmine is an engaged scholar who uses her knowledge to advance social movements. Currently she is working on a project that will channel philanthropic dollars to organizations led by people of color; additionally she facilitates meetings and learns how to question power dynamics within philanthropy.

She works as a consultant specializing in entrepreneurship, legal issues and policy. She collaborates with individuals in government and business to present BlackRock’s views on various global topics; additionally she writes articles related to financial industry topics for Forbes and Advisor Perspectives.

As well as her consulting work, she volunteers at animal shelters and the RAAM Bird Behavior Academy. Additionally, she is Avian Fear Free Certified professional and passionate about animal welfare – she enjoys tandem biking and travel too!

Achievement and Honors

Jasmine’s image aesthetic and fashion sense can be seen reflected in the artists she collaborates with; her style can be seen across editorial shoots, red carpet events, television & film as well as being on top of next big trends in music & pop culture.

She serves as president of Feminist Club at her school and hosts an annual period product drive for its students. Additionally, she competed at regional and state mock trial tournaments this year and enjoys reading as well as participating in community service projects.

She participated in this year’s Solidarity and Sustainability Virtual Exchange Program in Southern Africa and is passionate about women’s rights; thus LYAC hopes she will act as an advocate.

Personal Life

Jasmine Benjamin, 17 years old and attending Valdosta State University, was found dead Sunday afternoon in Georgia Hall on campus. Her autopsy results raised suspicions of misconduct; therefore police are currently conducting an investigation as if her death is related to murder.

She’s well known for her remarkable styling achievements, but she’s also an active philanthropist. Through the Hyams Foundation she aims to support social movements and empower community leaders; currently working to refine criteria for the Black and Indigenous Resistance Fund so philanthropic dollars are allocated directly to grassroots groups led by people of color.

When she’s not busy creating iconic image aesthetics for some of music’s biggest clients, she stays grounded with meditation and horseback riding. Additionally, she’s a serious nerd when it comes to outer space and old art house movies!

Net Worth

Jasmin is an accomplished actress who has amassed a considerable fortune through her acting and modeling careers. From appearances on popular TV shows like “Tashan-e-Ishq” and “Dil Se Dil Tak”, to reality shows like “Khatron Ke Khiladi” and “Bigg Boss”, her name has gained widespread fame and recognition.

Jasmine also works as a stylist and creative director, working with some of the biggest artists in music including Anderson.Paak, Meghan Trainor, Outkast, Rae Sremmurd, Charlie Puth and many more.

She has done multiple endorsements for brands and commercials, with social media being her biggest source of earnings through influencer marketing – currently charging between 10+ Lakh Indian rupees for sponsored Instagram posts.

Jasmine Benjamin
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