Jayde Adams

Jayde Adams

British comedian, actress, and writer Jayda Adams is best known for her eccentric storytelling and extrovert aesthetic. She has performed multiple stand-up shows as well as hosting Netflix’s British cooking show Crazy Delicious.

She serves as an ambassador for Brain Tumor Support and has appeared on multiple television shows such as Sick Note, Good Omens and Borderline. Additionally, she won the 2014 Funny Women award.

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Professional Career

Jayde Adams is an award-winning comedian, actress and singer from Bristol who has quickly established herself as one of Britain’s premier female comics, winning her the Funny Woman Award 2014.

Adams began filming a stand-up special for Amazon Prime in 2015. Since then, she has made appearances as both a panellist and an actress on various popular television programs.

Grief and loss had a lasting impact on her career; she began telling jokes while her sister Jenna was hospitalised with a brain tumour, leading her to become one of Britain’s premier female comedians.

Adams has served as coach to USA Volleyball’s National A2 team for many years. Additionally, he led UNC’s club volleyball program from 2013-17 as head coach.

Achievement and Honors

Jayde Adams is an award-winning entertainer, boasting an extensive list of awards and accolades to her name. These include receiving the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Best Newcomer Award; filming a stand-up special for Amazon Prime; hosting Channel 4 Snackmasters as well as BBC Radio 4 podcast Welcome to the Neighbourhood; as well as filming stand-up specials on Amazon Prime.

As much as she has achieved, it would be hard to select just one event she is most proud of. Perhaps most profoundly impactful was losing her sister Jenna at just 26 to an inoperable brain tumour – something which altered both her life and career forever, leading her to raise awareness for Brain Tumour Support who helped the family cope.

Personal Life

Jayde Adams hails from Bristol and is known for her extravagant storytelling and extrovert aesthetic.

She rose to international renown with her Amazon Prime stand-up special Serious Black Jumper and now hosts Netflix’s British cooking show Crazy Delicious as well as having a prominent role in Good Omens.

Jayde was training to dance competitively when her sister Jenna died of brain tumour at age 20. This year’s Strictly Come Dancing competition is a full circle partnership that features Jayde and Karen Hauer competing together, so their sisterhood partnership will once more come full circle for both of them.

Net Worth

Jayde Adams is a Bristol-born comedian, actress, writer, and singer best known as the winner of 2014 Funny Women Award and 2016 nominee for Best Newcomer award at Edinburgh Comedy Awards.

She began performing stand-up comedy after the death of her sister Jenna due to an inoperable brain tumor in 2011. Competing at her aunt’s dance school in Bristol for 13 years provided her with an outlet to express herself while dealing with grief, she eventually turned to stand-up as an outlet.

31 was first presented at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2016 and since then she has become a specialist on Channel 4’s parody test shows, 8 Out of 10 Cats and 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown. Additionally she co-hosted Before the Morning After with NBC featuring The Pyjama Men Gina Yashere and Tom Stade as co-hosts.

Jayde Adams
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