Jeep Hair, Don’t Care on Snapchat

The Jeep brand is celebrating 4×4 Day on April 4, and to celebrate, it has a special Snapchat lens called “Jeep Hair, Don’t Care.” The lens lets you see yourself in the open-air Jeep Wrangler. As you raise your eyebrows, your hair will blow in the wind. The Jeep logo is also featured on the lenses. The fun feature of the “Jeep Hair, Don’t Car” lens is that it is free.

The Snapchat filter features a muddy tire track, text, and images. The Snapchat lens is free to view for 24 hours. It will stay active throughout the month of October. You can get it by scanning the Snap codes that are available at Jeep events. Afterwards, you can check out the brand’s official blog or social channels for updates. If you want to get the Snapchat filter, just follow @Jeep.

During the launch of the Snapchat channel, Jeep created a Snapchat filter to capture user content about the new vehicle. The filter is a combination of mud, tire tracks, and text. The filters are available for a limited time and can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, if you’re wearing a Jeep hat, it will make you look cool, while also letting others know you’re an avid off-roader.

There is a Snapchat filter for Jeep fans, and it’s available for 24 hours. The lens will be up all day on the app, and you can access it by scanning a Snap code that you’ll receive at a Jeep event. The Snapchat filter will also be available on the Jeep brand’s official blog. Just like the other Snapchat filters, the Snapchat filter will allow you to see a variety of content related to the brand.

The Snapchat filter will let users see the Jeep brand in the mud and capture their photos. The brand is encouraging users to tag photos with #jeep4x4day on their photos. The Snapchat filter is available for users to scan during events. You can also use the hashtag #Jeep4x4Day to get more information about the lens. It will be available to all users on Snapchat on October 4th.

There are some ways to celebrate the Jeep 4×4 Day by using the new Snapchat filter. The hashtag #Jeep4x4Day was created by the company’s social team. The hashtag will be available at the event to let users know the lens’s features. The Snapchat filter will also be available intermittently on the Jeep brand’s official blog and social channels. The new holiday will also have a unique Snapchat filter that allows fans to share their experiences with the Jeep.

If you’re in the market for a new Jeep hat, you can purchase one at a Jeep 4×4 Day event. You can also use a new filter by tagging the vehicle with #jeep4x4day. It is the perfect way to show off your love for your new favorite brand. The hashtag is a great way to share the content you find on social media.

There are a lot of ways to celebrate the Jeep brand on social media. The brand launched its own Snapchat channel in 2016 and featured a custom filter with text and muddy tire tracks. A video of the Jeep social team also handpicked content from fans. The hashtags are great ways to promote the Jeep 4×4 Day. A good place to start is on a Facebook page. You can post pictures of your Jeep as well as your friends and family.

A new Jeep Snapchat filter is now available. The new filter lets you upload a photo of yourself in the mud. The lens is available to all Snapchat users and will be live for 24 hours. It will be available intermittently on the Jeep brand’s social channels and official blog. This is a fun way to show off your Jeep and to share it with friends. If you’re into Snapchat, be sure to use the hashtag #jeep4x4day for your photos, videos, and more.

Jeep Hair, Don’t Care on Snapchat
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