Jeff Foxworthy Net Worth

Jeff Foxworthy Net Worth

Jeff Foxworthy’s Bio and Net Worth


Jeff Foxworthy has an impressive net worth as well as a varied career, ranging from stand-up comedy to voice acting and radio show hosting. He has authored several books and is the owner of Foxworthy Outdoors. Besides his professional career, Foxworthy is also a best-selling author and has authored several books, all of which have achieved the same level of success as his other works Jeff Foxworthy is a stand-up comedian


His parents are of English ancestry. His grandfather, James Marvin Camp, was a fireman in Hapeville for more than 30 years.

Early life 

Jeff Foxworthy was born in Atlanta, Georgia on 6th September 1958 and was raised in the southern Baptist tradition. Foxworthy has a strong faith and has attended mass at the homeless shelter.

Jeff Foxworthy is a stand-up comic whose first solo stand-up special came out 24 years ago. His stand-up routines are often nostalgic and filled with redneck references. He also admits that times were not always as good as they are now. His stand-up routines have been praised by comedy critics and audiences alike.

In addition to his stand-up comedy routines, Jeff Foxworthy has made several television appearances. He tried to explain his famous “You might be a Redneck” joke to the space ghost, who was carrying the Ghost Planet to the US and sending Jeff to “The Box.” He has also appeared on Ellen’s Game of Games.

He recently appeared on Space Ghost Coast to Coast. He received “Best Stand-Up Comedian” from the American Comedy Awards. His “good ol’ boy” style was well-received by audiences. While he didn’t wear overalls or Grand Ole Opry finery, he told his jokes with a southern drawl. He quickly found crossover appeal in television, opening for Jay Leno and Wynton Marsalis. He later appeared on two Showtime comedy specials.

He enjoys hunting. Before becoming a voice actor, Foxworthy worked in mainframe computer maintenance for IBM. Eventually, he decided to quit his job to pursue his passion for comedy.


He attended Hapeville High School before attending the Georgia Institute of Technology. After graduating, he worked at IBM. He later penned his autobiography You Might Be a Redneck


Aside from being a voice actor, Jeff Foxworthy also works to help those less fortunate. In addition to stand-up, Foxworthy also wrote comedy and released several albums. 

He has performed on numerous television shows and won numerous awards. Despite his political stance, Foxworthy doesn’t include politics in his comedy. However, he did state that Donald Trump was tapping into the American spirit. 

Jeff Foxworthy is a well-known comedian who has devoted a large part of his career to philanthropic activities. His many television appearances have helped him make a fortune. Jeff Foxworthy is a writer, actor, and producer. His work has earned him 6 major-label albums. He has also published several books about redneck jokes. 

He has also been a voice-over in several animated films, including Scooby-Doo and Guess Who? He has appeared on several TV and radio shows and has also written 

several books.


He has become a popular radio and TV personality. Besides hosting his shows, he also has many products and services on the market. His stand-up comedy and redneck humour has garnered him popularity in the entertainment world. 

In addition to writing, Jeff Foxworthy has also done voice work and hosted television shows. 

He is also a member of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour with Bill Engvall and Larry the Cable Guy. 

Net worth 

Jeff Foxworthy’s net worth is estimated to be over $100 million. He earns about $25,000 per show and makes around $5 million per year. He has also made money with his comedy albums. His 1993 album sold over three million copies and earned him $3.1 million.

He lives in a mansion in Alpharetta, Georgia,  It is believed that the house cost him less than $2 million.

His net worth is also boosted by his business dealings, including his hunting and fishing products. He also has a theme park in Alabama and has several endorsement deals.

He also makes a lot of money from his own companies, including barbecue sauce.


He is a strong supporter of Compassion, a charity that helps children living in poverty. He and his wife have sponsored children in Kenya and built an orphanage for them. 

Moreover, he spends a lot of time helping children with cancer. He is involved in organizations such as Camp Sunshine and CURE Childhood Cancer. Additionally, he has partnered with the Duke Children’s Hospital in Durham.

He has given thousands of dollars to causes ranging from the homeless to the sick and poor. He has donated millions of dollars to charity.

His philosophy is to help underprivileged children and give back to his community. He also supports many charities, including the nonprofit organization ‘Give Water to Children’.

Jeff Foxworthy also has a charitable side. He donates a portion of his net worth to various nonprofit organizations. He supports several organizations that work with homeless people and has helped raise millions of dollars. For example, he donates to the Atlanta Mission, Atlanta Community Ministries, Open Hand, and Woodson Elementary School. 

He also sponsors children in need and has helped build an orphanage in Kenya. He also dedicates his time to helping children with cancer. He has worked with several organizations, including the CURE Childhood Cancer Foundation and Camp Sunshine. In addition, he has donated to the George W. Bush presidential campaign.


Jeff Foxworthy is married to Pamela Grigg. They met at a comedy club and were married on September 18, 1985. They have two daughters, Jordan and Julianne.

Their daughter, Jordan, has been active in charity work in Africa. He worked for IBM as a repairman and his father worked as an executive for IBM.


As a radio show host and writer, Jeff Foxworthy is highly successful. His 1995 album “Games Rednecks Play” earned him a Grammy nomination and another $3 million.

He has also been nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Spoken Comedy Album. In addition to his work as a comedian, He has released five albums for Warner Bros.

Records and one for DreamWorks Records. One of his albums, “The Redneck 12 Days of Christmas”, has been certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

In addition, he has a personal website. His net worth has steadily increased over the years. Besides his successful radio show, Jeff Foxworthy is an avid outdoorsman and promotes many charities. He is also an active member of the Outdoor Channel and has appeared on several of its shows. However, his most popular series is his Blue Collar Comedy Tour. This tour played to sold-out crowds across the U.S. and has also spawned three DVD movies. 

Before becoming a show host, He was known for making humorous jokes about rural people and rednecks. In 1993, his one-liner album reached the top of the comedy charts and landed him on NBC. In 1996, he also published an autobiography.

His first album went triple platinum and was nominated for a Grammy award in 1996. His first three albums, released with Warners, sold eight million copies.

His philanthropic work has earned him a large net worth and has made him one of the wealthiest entertainers in the world. Including millions from his popular television show, “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?” His books have also made him a best-selling author. He has published more than 26 books, including books for children. Many of them have made it to the New York Times bestseller list. His ‘I Can Read’ series is among the most popular books he has written.

He is a best-selling author and is known for his funny videos. His books are usually themed around his famous one-liners. 

In addition to his television show, 

His work has appeared in many movies and TV shows. His stand-up shows are also popular and have made him a household name. 

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In conclusion, Jeff Foxworthy is a comedian who has made a career out of his unique brand of humour. He is someone who is not afraid to poke fun at himself or the situations he finds himself in. And while some may find his brand of humour to be offensive, many appreciate his ability to make people laugh.

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Jeff Foxworthy Net Worth

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