Jemeker Thompson Net Worth

Jemeker Thompson Net Worth

The size of Jemeker Thompson’s net worth is unclear. In her early years, he sold drugs and was in jail for 15 years, but eventually, he turned to a different path and found success in the music business. He now owns a mansion in Encino, California, and has a son named Anthony. Despite her brief stay in prison, he managed to accumulate a large number of assets through her music and drug business.

As a former drug dealer, Jemeker Thompson’s net worth has increased considerably. her book, “The Queen Pin,” was published in 2010 and has no salacious elements, but is more likely to appeal to religious believers. Since then, her net worth has grown substantially, and he has been featured in the Netflix series Drug Lords. Despite her success as a former drug dealer, Jemeker is yet to win an award. However, her success and net worth are expected to grow.

As a criminal, Jemeker Thompson rose to prominence in the 1980s while battling the crack epidemic in Los Angeles. After her release, he worked to help the community by establishing Second Chance Ministries. He also wrote a memoir called Queen Pin, which focuses on the experience. her net worth is undoubtedly huge. He is now a philanthropist, and her net worth is estimated at $30 million.

As a drug dealer, Jemeker Thompson’s net worth is high, but her business is still thriving today. In fact, Jemeker Thompson’s ill-fated father died in 1980, which left her daughter, Daff, a home in Encino, California, and a stable financial situation. She went on to buy the house and continue her business. Her husband, who had also been a drug dealer, died in 1982.

Jemeker Thompson’s net worth has increased since the early days of her career. He was a prison inmate for many years before he became a drug-dealing superstar. At the moment, Thompson is 5.6 feet tall and has a net worth of $5 million. Moreover, she is dating her high school sweetheart Jay Williams. After her death, her net worth has increased.

Thompson has a huge net worth due to her drug-dealing career. Her popularity has made her an attractive target for people who want to earn money through her drug dealing. She has an interesting past. At age eight, she was evicted from her home and left with only her belongings lying around. She has worked her way to becoming a successful drug dealer and now has a house in Encino.

After the death of her husband, she began a drug business. She began dating her ex-bodyguard Cheese, who was also a drug dealer. Eventually, she was arrested during a police dragnet. Her boyfriend negotiated a lesser penalty by revealing her source of income. As a result of her popularity, her net worth is estimated to be at least $10 million. Besides, she has a son named Anthony.

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Jemeker Thompson Net Worth

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