Jets’ 2017 QB Draft

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The New York Jets have several choices at the quarterback position. Sam Darnold and Pat Mahomes have high draft stock. However, only one of them could be the team’s quarterback of choice. The Jets had their picks at the top of the draft, but ultimately passed on Mahomes. While the No. Mahomes, while not the best pick overall, could be a good option for 2017.

The Jets are unhappy with their 2017 quarterback selections. Hackenberg was signed by the Jets in 2016 with the hope that he would become a franchise quarterback. Hackenberg’s development has not impressed the Jets. If the Jets are serious about a younger quarterback, they need to take the time and develop him. Petty will play a significant role in the 2017 season. He will have the chance to prove himself as a rookie.

In the last six games, McCown has averaged 251 yards passing, 1.8 touchdowns, and 0.3 interceptions. This may not be impressive, but it’s not a terrible performance. Last year, the Jets offense was a skeleton. The Jets have a chance to make the playoffs if McCown can improve his accuracy. The Jets may have a great quarterback, but they’ll be better with a different option in 2017.

The quarterback position is as important as any other draft. The 2017 Jets quarterback draft class includes potential starting quarterbacks. The No. 4 pick is a solid choice, but the Jets also have No. 10 and No. 4 picks. The team is also interested the rookie from Pittsburgh, in addition to their current quarterback. Darnell Pickett, a former college football player at Heinz Field, is also being considered by the Jets.

Stewart, despite his young age, is an excellent option to the Jets’ young receiving crew. He doesn’t burn, but is sure-handed and productive after the catch. New offensive coordinator John Morton has said that Stewart has a similar physical profile to Anquan Boldin. At five-foot-11, Stewart played in an offensive system based on running the ball. He had 54 receptions last season for 864 yards and eight touchdowns.

Bryce Petty, Josh McCown, Christian Hackenberg and Josh McCown are all viable options. However, none of them have a great track record. While McCown has been a disappointing passer over the past two seasons, he has led the Jets to the playoffs and is still the No. McCown was the No. 1 pick in 2018’s draft. Although it’s difficult to imagine these three players as starting quarterbacks of the team, they are all capable.

Hackenberg might be an option for the Jets if they don’t draft their man in 2017. The Jets have a viable backup option in Hackenberg, a former Oregon quarterback with a weak arm. The Jets should give him an opportunity to prove himself, even though he won’t be the solution to their quarterback problems for the long term. That way, they’ll have at least some chance of making the playoffs.

Jets’ 2017 QB Draft
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