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Jimmy Henry – Hardcore Henry Contractor

No matter your fitness goals – training for an event or just improving health – Coach Jimmy has the knowledge and experience to help you meet them. He boasts 17 years of healthcare experience!

Booz Allen Hamilton Executive Vice President Jimmy Henry recently announced plans to retire effective April 1. In his current position, Henry oversees Booz Allen Hamilton’s civil market business which serves health, financial, treasury, transportation, justice, homeland security and entitlement agencies.

Early Life and Education

Jimmy Henry was born and raised on a cattle ranch near Hamilton, Missouri. He was the eldest of two children; his mother was an alcoholic while his father died when he was still young; instead, his grandmother raised him, teaching him how to read and write.

He was an accomplished storyteller with an affinity for telling tales. Additionally, he enjoyed cooking and hunting as hobbies; throwing large parties for friends and family was another of his passions.

In the 1790s, he played an active role in Virginia’s political realignment, helping promote a constitutional convention which eventually resulted in the ratification of its Constitution. Additionally, he promoted American science and often traveled overseas on behalf of the Smithsonian Institution promoting American science as well as championing individual liberty and Virginian interests.

Professional Career

Jimmy Henry is an interventional pain management specialist at Midwest Spine & Pain. He specializes in treating chronic and acute pain syndromes including neck and back pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, sciatic nerve pain and neuropathies. Furthermore, Jimmy has extensive experience using regenerative medicine techniques like Platelet-Rich Plasma injections.

Coach Jimmy takes an alternative approach to training that emphasizes providing challenging fitness experiences while building his clients’ confidence and strengthening them in their capabilities. His foundational approach ensures they achieve their fitness goals without injury.

Alabama’s defensive efficiency has improved by an impressive margin under his guidance this season and will enter the tournament as one of the premier defense-minded squads. Coke Jimmy is well known for his amusing callouts during an assault wave; often shouting long versions of teammates’ names (such as Wickity Wick and Four-Leaf Fucking Clover) or mispronouncing them altogether (like calling Jiro Gyro).

Achievement and Honors

Jimmy is one of three playable contractors featured in the Hardcore Henry pack – alongside John Wick and Jacket. But unlike these scripted contractors, who appear systematically over time, Jimmy appears randomly during gameplay.

Jimmy shares some characteristics with Hoxton from PAYDAY 2; both characters are accused psychopathic killers heavily involved with building criminal empires and use frequent rapid-fire cursing. Like his movie counterpart, Jimmy can dual wield pistols and assault rifles for added effect.

As seen in his introductory trailer, John is the second character with a cocaine addiction. His suit features white cocaine smudges as well as bloody nose marks due to an overdose. When panicking sets in when downed, John may slur his speech or call out elongated names (such as “Wickity Wick” for John), or mispronouncing teammates’ names completely (such as calling Jiro “Gyro”.).

Personal Life

He was an avid reader with a strong work ethic. Beginning his career in industrial gas distribution and eventually truck driving before his health began failing, he continued with both businesses until eventually retirement was necessary.

He took pleasure in spending his free time with family and friends, holding on tight to those that he held dear. Never one to miss an opportunity for coffee with them, he treasured these relationships until his final breath.

Coke Jimmy clones often sport body hair shaved in the shape of a phoenix to symbolize their ability to resurrect themselves through other copies, with cocaine-smeared hands and noses as an additional symbolism of this ability.

He is survived by two of his children – Ashlan Henry and Megan Cobb, both from Amarillo; grandsons Colton and Tanner Henry; sisters Sherri Wooten of Amarillo, Texas and Cynthia Wooten as well as Ray Henry from Amarillo as well as numerous nieces and nephews. Funeral services will be held at First Baptist Church of Sabinal, Texas.

Net Worth

Henry generates his income primarily through professional baseball and endorsements. He has appeared in promotional material for Campbell’s Chunky Soup and is associated with insurance company Geico, while also owning a luxury house and several cars in Detroit and making significant investments into business ventures and sports teams.

He owns both the Boston Red Sox and Liverpool FC as well as co-owning Roush Fenway Racing. He made his fortune trading agricultural futures before opening up his own commodity brokerage firm.

He has earned millions through movies and television roles, most notably as Geralt of Rivia on Netflix’s The Witcher, earning at least $2 Million per season.

Jimmy Henry
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